Formentera Local Police continue controls at local construction sites

foto 2020 inspeccions PLFThe Formentera Local Police are carrying out patrols in coordination with the island’s Civil Guard officers to ensure safety measures are obeyed at construction sites. The inspection plan was developed by the Balearic Office of Workplace Health and Safety (IBASSAL), a division of the regional labour ministry.

In 48 hours, ten sites have received visits from FLP officers, and patrols are set to continue in the days ahead. The officers issue reports and forward them on for processing by IBASSAL, which will contact sites where it considers safety improvements can be made. The aim of the operation is to minimise risk of coronavirus exposure and safeguard the health of workers and islanders.

Construction firms are required to adopt preventive measures involving worker health and travel and still others for outside personnel called to intervene on site. Post-inspection reports are detail measures to be followed like maintaining safe distance, taking particular care cleaning tools and machinery and using appropriate safety equipment, among others.

Ensuring confinement compliance

Law enforcement are still engaged in controls in towns and outdoors and on local roads and highways to ensure compliance with confinement orders. From the start of confinement to yesterday, 80 tickets were issued to Formentera residents found in breach of restrictions. Interior conseller Josep Marí reminded islanders that confinement rules remain in effect and must be respected, encouraging residents to leave home only when absolutely necessary and in cases permitted by emergency orders.

23 April 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera