Meet Neta, the first canine officer on the Formentera local police force

neta foto4 180115Today at noon Formentera local police introduced to the island the very first member of the squad's canine unit. The pup's name is Neta and she is a four-year-old German shepherd specially-trained in defence and drug- and person-detection.

In attendance at the Neta's introductory ceremony were President Jaume Ferrer, Local Police Chief Joan Mayans, Guàrdia Civil Sergeant Francisco Blanco, representatives from the island's civil protection forces and Officer Andreu Torres, the dog's owner and trainer.

Neta lives with at home with Torres, although the Formentera Council assumes responsibility for a portion of the costs of her care. According to Police Chief Mayans, the pup will provide services “of untold importance”, of which he cited drug detection and detention of individuals resisting arrest.