A look back: Formentera takes stock of firefighting service in 2021

foto 2021 bombers EPIS AIn 2021 the Formentera Fire Brigade logged 163 interventions, the same as in 2020. The brigade responded to 12 fires, compared to 35 the previous year. Three of the interventions involved uncontrolled burns, another three involved buildings in urban areas and one involved a building in a rural setting. The fire crew put out two fires affecting street furniture and three affecting vehicles. Fires on forested and agricultural land burned less than half a hectare in 2021, while they burned less than one ha in 2020 and 5.3 ha in 2019.

In 2019, the year before COVID-19, the fire brigade performed a total of 213 services. "As has been the case elsewhere, the drop in interventions in recent years is related to the new exceptional situation caused by the pandemic", explained Josep Marí, Councillor of Interior, who pointed out that "for the second straight year the brigade has called off visits of children's summer camps, and has not participated in Consell-organised activities or other prevention work". Marí praised staff for their willingness and professionalism in a year marked by the public health crisis.

Other interventions

In 2021 the brigade was also dispatched in 26 rescues, while last year they performed 23 actions of this type. Over the course of the year there were 12 false alarms, compared to 19 false alarms one year prior. The crew was mobilised to provide technical assistance 51 times in 2021, compared to 43 times in 2020.

New equipment

In 2020 the Consell de Formentera Fire Department expanded and updated brigade gear with 15 new units of personal protective equipment (PPE). The gear cost the island €27,975 plus VAT.


Councillor Marí also highlighted efforts by local government to invest in training. Six training sessions cost the Consell de Formentera €39,637.40.

- Flashover and ventilation: 35 hours, three firefighters (€5,987.40).
- Responding at height in urban settings and securing extension ladders: 16 hours, four firefighters (€2,485).
- Fire extinguishing on boats: 21 hours, two firefighters (€1,500).
- Responding in traffic accidents: 24 hours, ten firefighters (€3,740).
- Rescues in natural areas: 16 hours, four firefighters (€3,425).
- Basic course for new firefighters: 105 hours, 15 applicants (€22,500).

The year involved two new hires, bringing the crew's total size to eleven: ten full-time professionals and one reserve firefighter.

Vehicle fleet

Currently the service's fleet consists of two rapid response vehicles, a heavy pump for rural settings, a light pump for urban settings and a rescue van.

28 December 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera