Presenting the 2021 Tourism Satisfaction Barometre

foto 2021 presentacio barometre

Alejandra Ferrer, the Vice President and Councillor of Tourism, together with Catalina Ramis, Data Observatory Department Technian, presented the results of the Tourism Satisfaction Barometre today in the Sala de Cultura (Cinema). This barometre is based on nearly 2,500 surveys seeking to gauge tourists' degree of satisfaction and analyse potential threats Formentera faces as a destination as well as its strengths to take measures that can best satisfy tourists and islanders alike. "Indeed, the two groups often concur", explained Councillor Ferrer.

Beaches, landscape and climate continue to rank among visitors' favourite aspects of Formentera, with a particularly noteworthy increase in visitors' sense of tranquility. The Vice President pointed out that the feeling of saturation in the island's ability to accommodate people and vehicles, together with high prices, continue to rank among visitors' least favourite aspects of Formentera. But Ferrer stressed that "overall satisfaction remains above 99%...99.2%, which is exceptional". The most prevalent visitors were from mainland Spain, followed by Italian.

Additionally, Alejandra Ferrer explained that rankings of visits to heritage and cultural sites went up as well, along with gastronomy, local cuisine, sports and other activities long the subject of promotion. Likewise, the number of repeat visitors is high: more than 60% of visitors come back and have done so for more than ten years. Satisfaction with service from staff at lodgings and restaurants has improved, Ferrer said. "Across the board, measures related to COVID-19 have meant visitors feel better cared for, and this may be a chance to see to it those measures well established, if not compulsory". The tourism councillor remarked that the business of regulating the number of day visitors to the island remained unfinished. "The figure is very high and generates a feeling of saturation", Ferrer said. "Day visitors want to see everything in a few hours, and they frequently travel in vehicles, which means, the number of vehicles and people being constant, islanders and overnight tourists' feeling of saturation is intensified".

The meeting was also attended by President Ana Juan, who underscored, first, "the work done by staff at the Data Observatory and the Formentera Office of Tourism to develop a diagnosis "that will tell us where we are doing well and where we can improve". She noted that the season "was good, but in certain periods we had the perception of saturation on our roads and beaches; this is insight that we will consider as we work on future initiatives to improve this situation, strike a balance on that perception on the part of residents and tourists".

18 November 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera