With SOIB Reactiva, Consell announces second round of employment opportunities for jobless

cartell 2021 SOIB ReactivaThe Formentera Department of Entrepreneurship and Local Development reports that the SOIB Reactiva programme will launch a second call for applicants for four-month positions within the Consell de Formentera. The Consell will offer eight individuals one of two employment contracts based on the following profiles:

-Four cleaners (long-term unemployed at least 30 years old).
-Four information assistants (unemployed at least 30 years old and registered with Balearic Islands Unemployment Office [SOIB] at least three months or less if furloughed).

Interested parties should visit the SOIB website here and apply for their desired position. Offers will be posted from today.

Deputy premiere and entrepreneurship chief Ana Juan said the programme would provide employment for 27 individuals, 16 of whom have been working for the local government since January. She encouraged jobless islanders to sign up, calling it “a possible kickstart in the job market”.

The €225.810 SOIB initiative is cofinanced by the European Social Fund as part of Regional Operative Occupational Programmes for Youth (2014-2020), the Spanish central government and the Fund to Promote the Impulse for Sustainable Tourism (Impuls del Turisme Sostenible, ITS). The initiative is also part of the Emergency Employment Plan (Pla de Xoc per a l’Ocupació, PXO) which was unveiled last week on the island and will mean local investments of €470,000 and direct benefits for 175 individuals between 2020 and 2021.

23 March 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera