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Formentera lowers speed limit in towns

foto 2021 velocitat 30The Formentera Department of Mobility reports that the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has introduced new speed limits on roads in urban areas effective 11 May. “About forty signs with the new speed limit have gone up so drivers know the rules on each road”, explained FDM chair Rafael Gonzalez.

In towns, motorists are limited to 30 km/hour on most, though not all, streets. The following rules apply:

20km/hour on single-level streets (no raised pavement) like the promenade in La Savina, Carrer de Guillem de Montgrí in Sant Ferran, Carrer de Àngela Ferrer in La Mola, among others.
30km/hour on all other urban streets, including Pla del Rei in Sant Francesc and Carrer de s’Espalmador in Es Pujols, among others.

A 30km/hour speed limit is also in effect on stretches of highway that cut through towns, like on Avinguda de la Mediterrània in La Savina, Avinguda de Joan Castelló i Guasch in Sant Ferran, Avinguda de la Mola in La Mola, among others.

The speed limit is 30km/hour at roundabouts, and 50km/hour on ring roads on the outskirts of Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and Es Pujols.

Local decision-makers passed the speed limit reduction in late 2018 as part of the island’s Sustainable Mobility Plan. González pointed out that the new limits have already been in force on roads where upgrades have been performed recently.

11 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera Jazz Festival to take place 23–26 September

cartell 2021 formentera jazzThe Formentera Office of Tourism reports that this year’s Formentera Jazz Festival will be held from 23 to 26 September. After the covid-19 crisis forced organisers of the 2020 festival to opt for an all-virtual format, the 2021 edition will combine in-person events with virtual activities.

Consell de Formentera premiere and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer praised FJF organisers for putting nature and signature local sites at the centre of this year’s festival, insisting events like FJF offered visitors and residents of the island “an ever richer and varied cultural scene”.

After seven years, organisers say FJF is “more committed than ever” to using music to connect people with nature and the magic of Formentera, unveiling a new hybrid format for the festival that combines livestreaming technology with live-audience performances in iconic venues.

Sonically, FJF will continue to showcase diverse musical genres’ convergence in jazz, delivering the festival’s perennial boost to national and regional talent and using talks and workshops to reflect on the challenges in sustainability that face the island and the music industry.

FJF has received support from the Consell de Formentera since Formentera native Maxwell Moya launched the festival in 2015.

More information on the #FJF2021 programme will soon be available at www.formenterajazzfestival.info.

11 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera Film Festival’s Wednesday kick-off comes with 5 days of free all-ages screenings

cartell 2021 FormenteraFilmThe Consell de Formentera reports the Formentera Film Festival 2021 will take place between Wednesday 12 and Sunday 16 May. 8.30pm screenings will be staged at the Sala de Cultura (Cinema) from Wednesday to Friday, followed by an awards ceremony/gala on Saturday evening and, Sunday afternoon, the official children’s selection. Admission at all screenings is free of charge, with limited seating but no need to book in advance.

News that this year’s Formentera Film would be fully in-person comes as other festivals have remained exclusively online affairs. FF directors Monica Timperi, Silvio Bandinelli, Viviana Carlet and Carlo Migotto say the face-to-face format was “very important”: “Formentera is the reason this festival exists. The event was conceived mainly for islanders, young people, kids and tourists who visit the island before the start of summer”.

The historically off-season event is backed by the Formentera Department of Culture and Office of Tourism. FF’s aim, says Consell de Formentera premiere and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer, is to “give the island and our visitors something extra. FF activities, namely the contest of shorts, documentaries and video art, are about enriching the local cultural scene and improving the experience of our visitors”. Ferrer described “the symbiosis between Formentera Film and the island’s youth, who are increasingly involved in the all-ages event”.

Official selection
8.30pm screenings of official selections will take place 12–14 May: twenty-two international shorts, including two from the Balearic Islands, span fiction, documentary film and animation. The complete programme can be found at https://www.formenterafilm.com.

Xenia Fuertes and Viviana Carlet are FF’s 2021 presenters. Sitting for screenings of their shorts will be Laia Foguet (director, Ca nostra), Miguel Parra (director, (A)normal) and Toni Payeras (director of photography, Ulisses). Pilar Aldea will attend the ExtraFest screening of her short film Edèn, scheduled Wednesday 12 May.

Awards ceremony
The FF awards gala will be held the evening of Saturday 15 May. Among the seven local artists participating in the gala are veteran FF collaborators Enric Majoral, Lorenzo Pepe, Sol Courrèges Boné and Andrés Rodríguez, plus newcomers Raquel Caramazana Bocanegra, Fran Lucas Simón and Simona Colzi.

Kids’ selection
FF’s children’s selection will be screened at 6.00pm, Sunday 16 May. Filmmakers Aitor Herrero (Toc), Laura Perissinotto (Dinosaur in the garden) and Marcos Martín Muñoz (Morgan, la orca valiente) will be on hand as well, with winners announced from 8.00pm.

Jury of four women and one man
Àngela Bosch is an executive member of the European Film Academy. Actress and creator Vicka Duran helms Con Fest and directed the short film Entrar en el armario (ExtraFest screening: evening of 13 May). Irene Moray is a photographer and the director of Suc de síndria (winner of Gaudí for ‘Best Short Film’ and Goya ‘Best Fictional Short’—ExtraFest screening: evening of 15 May). Cris Wiegandt is an award-winning director and animation designer. Carlos Bover directed the FF2019 audience pick, the documentary Gaza.

Youth collaboration
FF’s commitment to Formentera youth continues in 2021. On 1 May, the island’s youth drop-in centre provided the backdrop for a screening of seven submissions to this year’s FF Youth, not to mention the premiere of a street dance video produced by FF and Casal de Joves. And on 12 and 13 May, FF will invite year-two ESO and baccalaureate students at IES Marc Ferrer to two online conferences.

Formentera resident Frederic Córdoba Shwanemberg and David Diéguez Redondo will lead the conferences. The two are associates of KOTOC, creator of the famous GORMITI. “Creating and telling stories has taught us to fight for our dreams”, they say, “and transmitting that passion is what drives us day-in day-out, project after project. KOTOC started out in 2006 and grew out of the desire to create and tell stories. Since then, the team has specialised in creating and producing intellectual property”.

Gathering of professionals
From 11.30am on Friday 14 May, Formentera’s Centre d’Esports Nàutics will host a professional meeting to be attended by various festival directors.

FF2021 receives additional support from Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics (Govern balear), Casal de Joves, Lago Film Fest, Mediterránea Pitiusa, MotoRent Pujols, Proauto rent a car, Flipper, Can Toni, Save Posidonia Project and Ràdio Illa.

10 May 2019
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Economic help for companies battered by covid-19

foto 2021 economia CConsell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer, deputy premiere and entrepreneurship chief Ana Juan and economy and finance chief Bartomeu Escandell sat down with Manuel Porras, the director-general of economic promotion, entrepreneurship and social and circular economy for the regional government. The gathering, in which Porras reported on plans to offer a leg-up for Balearic businesses, was also attended by members of the local business community.

Ferrer welcomed Porras’s visit, which both administrations and island business viewed as a chance to work out details and ensure on-the-ground compatibility of government assistance, with attendees taking the opportunity to review Spanish and Balearic decrees on terms of the €855m economic injection for crisis-hit companies in the region.

Porras highlighted newly expanded eligibility criteria that will bring assistance to an additional 10 companies and 26 freelancers on Formentera, expanding the regional tally of aid beneficiaries to 176 companies and more than 300 self-employed workers.

Porras described the help as purpose-oriented and urged all eligible candidates to apply, pointing out disbursements would not be based on order of application submission. “We want the process to be simple”, confided the director-general, saying applicants could even count on early payout. The application period is expected to start by late May or early June, and the first freelancers could receive assistance by the end of next month.

New aid from Consell
President Ferrer said the island’s government and business leaders would closely monitor the Govern’s current proposal and make sure aid from the Consell moving forward addressed any blind spots and was as inclusive as possible. One hundred applications have been received in response to the Consell’s package of €630,000 in assistance for crisis-hit freelancers and small businesses. Payments are due to be issued as early as next week. Ferrer concluded by calling for a new meeting to finalise proposals and modifications with employers’ groups.

7 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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