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216 enrolled in Catalan classes offered by Consell de Formentera

foto 2021 cursos tardor catalaThe Formentera Language Advisory Service (Servei d'Assessorament Lingüístic, SAL) is pleased to announce the start of the first round of Catalan courses for adult learners. Courses will be offered at the A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels, with 216 students across 11 groups.

According to Councillor of Language Policy Raquel Guasch, the classes are about "ensuring everyone who wants to learn Catalan can do so, which is why the courses continue to be free and timetables are designed based on the possible profiles of students.

Classes are held at the Sant Ferran Cultural Space (Espai Cultural de Sant Ferran, formerly CEIP Sant Ferran de ses Roques), where two classrooms allow the SAL to meet this year's high demand. They are scheduled to end in February 2022, in time for the official exams administered by the Balearic government. According to its website, the Directorate General for Language Policy will begin registration for the exams in November.

Apart from these courses, the second week of November will see the start of Catalan classes for workers at the Formentera hospital. After courses held during the summer, this time there will be four groups for four distinct levels. Aimed at facilitating Catalan-language learning for health workers, the offer stems from an agreement between the island's government and the Hospital.

21 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Opening Monday at Ajuntament Vell, Ana Celada's 'Identity' ruminates on creation and the importance of identity

cartell 2021 identitatAt 7.00pm on Monday 25 October, after an open-air poetry reading in support of the main function, visitors to the Ajuntament Vell will see the curtain pulled back on Ana Celada's third show at the municipal gallery, "Identitat" – the artist's statement of reflection on creation and the importance of identity.

In Celada's words, "in the era of the global village and with Earth's population in constant growth, it seems imperative to reflect on who we are, how important we are and how our actions influence others". Celada affirms that her identity is as mutable as her thinking or experience, and confides furthermore, "I am not sure that my identity is unique". In that regard, she feels fluid identities and non-radicalised personal ideologies are conducive to human values: "We can identify with others based on the mere fact we belong to the same species and are part of the same living natural world.

The show features three different works by the artist. On the one hand, there are the graphics of Celada's own fingerprint, which rely on a pictorial technique rooted in writing and, by extension, the word, thought, the verse. And, Celada says, "in the same way that fingerprints are part of the body, other featured pieces start from the shape of a heart – these hearts are free to burst or contract; some beat concisely and some seem to rebel and lose their purpose. Breaking with these two visions of the body and one's own physicality, breaking with that inner vision, a great triptych is proposed, and it is an outer vision, a look towards nature. It is about taking a breath and knowing, without drama, that everything we see depends on our gaze, and that the inner and outer worlds are of the same nature."

"Identitat" will be on view 26 October to 6 November. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm, and closed Sundays and Monday mornings.

21 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Torna el curs d'hort infantil 'per promoure el cultiu de la terra entre els més petits'

El Consell de Formentera, a través de l'àrea de Sector Primari, informa que el pròxim dilluns 25 d'octubre s'obre el període d'inscripció per al curs d'hort infantil. Aquest taller està dirigit a infants d'entre 4 i 12 anys i es farà els dissabtes al matí. Els interessats es poden apuntar a l'Oficina d'Atenció al Ciutadà o telemàticament a través de l'OVAC. El curs començarà el pròxim dissabte 13 de novembre i finalitzarà el 16 de juny.

El conseller de Sector Primari ha mostrat la seua satisfacció perquè "enguany, de nou, puguem oferir aquesta formació, ja que l'any passat no es va fer a causa de la pandèmia". Josep Marí ha animat els infants a apuntar-se a l'activitat que té per objectiu "promoure el coneixement del cultiu de la terra de forma ecològica i tradicional a la vegada que es fomenta el respecte als companys i al medi natural", segons ha declarat.

L'hort infantil està ubicat al costat de la capella de sa Tanca Vella, a Sant Francesc. Els infants es dividiran en dos grups segons l'edat. El primer, de 4 a 7 anys, es reunirà els dissabtes entre les 10.00 i les 11.45 h, i el segon, per a al·lots de 8 a 12 anys, es trobarà els dissabtes de 12.15 a 14.00 h. Les classes són gratuïtes.

20 d'octubre de 2021
Area de Comunicacio
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2021 argri nens

Formentera gears up for weekend of mountain biking

foto 2021 volta bttThe Consell de Formentera unveiled details today about the 6th BTT Volta Cicloturista and 27th BTT La Mola, two races that will cross the island between 22 and 24 October. Tailor-made for mountain bike enthusiasts (the bicicleta de todo terreno in both names signifies "all-terrain bicycle"), the functions are backed by the Formentera Office of Sport in association with the local tourism department, Unisport Consulting and GE Espalmador.

The Volta ("Ride") consists of three stages that pass through distinct parts of the island. Riders will cover 90 kilometres and climb 1,200 metres. As in previous years, riders keen to do so will have the option of participating on Sunday 24 October in BTT La Mola, with departure and arrival in La Mola. A qualifying trial for the Pine Islands MTB Championship (Campionat Pitiús de BTT), it covers 26.6 kilometres and includes a 530-metre altitude climb.

President Juan described October as a "particularly busy month for sports on Formentera", highlighting the nearly five thousand athletes that fixtures this month are expected to draw, and noting that athletes and clubs "can always count on local government support's for sport and organisation of events like these". Vice President and Councillor of Tourism Alejandra Ferrer called to mind numerous Consell-backed events seeking to showcase Formentera's appeal in October and invited participants and companions to enjoy the island. For her part, Councillor Paula Ferrer thanked the organisers and sponsors "for their continued commitment to Formentera as a venue for sporting events".

Also at the presentation were Unisport Consulting's director, Manuel Hernández; Jesús Ferrer from GE Espalmador; and Alex Marí, commercial director of Trasmapi, which sponsors the event.

The first stage of the event starts at 4.00pm on Friday 22 October with a 30K stretch which begins and ends in Sant Francesc. Also starting and ending in Sant Francesc is the 33.5K second stage, which kicks off at 10.00am the next day. The third stage –an alternative to the competition– starts at 11.00am on Sunday in La Mola.

Signups can be completed at www.elitechip.com and will remain open until 21 October. About 50 people have registered to date.

20 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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