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September concerts at CDP

foto 2021 CDP concert setembreBAt 8.00pm this Thursday 16 September, La Mola’s Casa del Poble (CDP) will host an evening of “songs of the sea” courtesy of PILAR MENA & ROSSI MUSIC.

15 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Island issues progress report on formentera.eco as push to count and cap vehicles crowns year-3

foto 2021 balanc formen ecoThe Formentera Office of Mobility reports that 7 September marked just over three years since local government’s introduction of a ceiling on the vehicles which can be brought or driven on the island in summer. In 2021 implementation of the initiative was extended by two weeks to include the last week in June and the first in September.

Data compiled by the Consell de Formentera indicate that, on any given day during the 76-day enforcement period (24 June to 7 September), an average of 17,963 vehicles were authorised to be parked or operated on local roads. However, factoring for July and August alone (the regulatory period observed prior to 2021), the average was 18,138, or 4.4% lower than the 2020 average (18,969).

In month-to-month terms, an average of 16,170 vehicles were authorised to be parked or driven on the island in June. The average in July was 17,578 (down from 18,322 the previous year) and in August it was 18,697 (down from 19,616). The average number of cars on the road in September 2021 was 18,201.

The following is a seasonal breakdown by vehicle type and drivers’ place of residence:

taula 2021 balanc formen eco EN A

August comes with spike in formentera.eco permit requests from visitors

In the regulatory scheme’s third year, quotas for visitor vehicles were maxxed out in August — a repeat of the previous year.

And, on five days in August (Saturday the 14th, Sunday the 15th, Monday the 16th, Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th) quotas for privately owned vehicles were reached as well. In August 2020, quotas were attained on four days: Thursday the 13th, Friday the 14th, Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st.

As for the maximum number of motorbikes, that ceiling was also hit on eleven days in August: from Saturday the 14th to Sunday the 22nd, Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th. Last year, it happened four days: Thursday the 13th, Friday the 14th, Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st.

Summer peaks


taula 2021 balanc formen eco EN B


In summer 2021, the vehicle ceiling was set at 20,591: four per cent lower than in 2020 (21,487) and eight per cent lower than in 2019 (22,382). The ceiling is expected to be lowered 8% over the next two years.

Early conclusions

While 2021 data must still be analysed and checked against an August traffic flow study whose findings are due for release in October, mobility chief Rafael González asserted that formentera.eco had “reached its year-three objectives”. While he conceded that “traffic remains excessive and rush-hour slowdowns persist”, González said those two points meant continuing to lower the vehicle ceiling in the years ahead would all the more crucial. “Formentera must push ahead shaping an increasingly sustainable brand of mobility that’s not only appropriate to the our island’s carrying capacity, but palatable for residents and visitors”, he added.

González praised the scheme’s rigourous enforcement and hailed the absence of major adjustments to make or incidents to report. He also welcomed “the spirit of cooperation shown by the ferry companies, who have kept travelers in the loop these last two months, and the overall compliance of car rental agencies”.

Consell d’Entitats

Councillor González concluded by reporting that when complete data become available in October, the Consell d’Entitats would hold meetings with stakeholders in the island’s social and business spheres to take stock of the third season and look ahead towards 2022.

14 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

111 local kids return to nurseries, new Sant Ferran facility opens doors

foto 2021 inici escoleta CThe Formentera Office of Education is pleased to report that, as early learning centres reopened across the island today, 111 one to three year olds —28 in Sant Ferran and 83 at Escoleta Sa Miranda in Sant Francesc— joined 23 teachers, instructional aides and administrators, together with kitchen and cleaning staff, in kicking off the 2021/22 school year.

New nursery in Sant Ferran
Opening its doors today, the new Sant Ferran escoleta boasts one classroom for one to two year olds and another for two to three year olds — a need that was previously met by Escoleta des Camí Vell, which opened provisionally pending construction of the new centre. The building contains six classrooms, with plans to employ the remaining four as needs grow.

The IBISEC-prepared project involved constructing the escoleta on a lot adjacent to Sant Ferran’s brand-new primary school, a building designed to accomodate 450 pupils and two groups per year (two year-one groups, two year-two groups, etc.) and contains 6 classrooms for pre-primary education (three to six year olds) and 12 rooms for primary education (six to twelve years olds). The centre sits on a 11,037 m2 plot on the outskirts of town.

Investment in the project totalled €1,118,000.

Culture chief Susana Labrador expressed satisfaction that the two “hotly anticipated” schools were opening doors at last. She insisted that school and nursery staff, personnel of the Formentera Office of Island Services and cleaning and kitchen workers had been key to getting the buildings up to snuff in time for September.

“We’ve opted to expand coverage to take in more children. The fact is, the zero-to-three stage of development demands quality facilities and instructors. With the opening of this new school and the creation of new teaching positions, we’re making progress on the framework document that local government adopted to support educational equity for zero to three year olds.

Hours, services and public health protocols
The schools operate from 7.30am to 2.30pm, a timetable which includes early drop-off at nurseries, classtime and lunch.

Entry and exit to the schools will be staggered and health and safety restrictions respected in full.

13 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Plastics pickup at Cala en Baster

cartell 2021 recollida plasticsRamon Mirabet’s Gira del Mar has teamed up with the Consell de Formentera and Save Posidonia Project to mount a plastic waste cleanup in the area of Cala en Baster. Recovered plastic will be recycled and incorporated into a new product by Fitplanet.
For more details and to sign up, visit www.giradelmar.ramonmirabet.com.

13 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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