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Guanaja takes cue from Formentera's model of tourism

Visita far premsaEarlier today CiF president Jaume Ferrer and councillors Susan Labrador (education), Alejandra Ferrer (land and tourism) and Daisee Aguilera (environment) met in the Council's plenary hall with Spurgeon Miller, mayor of Guanaja, Honduras. Also present was Blai Paco, president of Unió Empresarial de l'Anoia de Catalunya, the association which set up the encounter.

Mr Ferrer gave thanks to Mr Miller for his visit and commented, «Guanaja and Formentera, for their similar sizes and populations, can share a lot with respect to our administrative models». Tourism in Guanaja, according to the Formentera Council president, is in the beginning stages of its expansion. The representatives took advantage of the encounter to discuss environmental issues such as waste management, supply of water and energy and promoting sustainable transport.

The mayor of the Honduran island took note of the path taken by Formentera and declared his desire to implement similar solutions to ours. He referenced ideas such as the construction of a waste transfer plant and supplying electricity by means of an underwater cable and indicated, «the key to sustainable growth is striking a balance on tourism that is both environmentally-friendly and respects homegrown traditions, which is what has happened here on Formentera».

After the morning meeting, the officials visited landmarks like the Es Cap de Barbaria lighthouse and other sites such as the field of solar panels and the transfer plant.

Alternate car park in la Savina closes

The Formentera Council was unable to renegotiate a rental contract for the land used for the 'dissuasive' car park in la Savina. Located on a lake-side lot opposite the Illes Pitiüses park, the site provided an alternate parking solution for drivers who don't have the free-parking decal. Cars currently parked in the lot must move their vehicles from it in the days to come.

Administration officials lamented their inability to reach an understanding with the lot owners and continue giving drivers in la Savina an alternative to the system of regulated parking. The department of transport is working to find another space where drivers can park for free even if they don't have the pass required for the blue and green zone parking system.

Farmer’s cooperative sows first hay field

Sembrada Fons-Terres Eva Parey premsaFormentera Council president Jaume Ferrer has commended workers at the island’s farmers’ cooperative (el Cooperativa del Camp) for the work they’ve recently begun sowing hay seed on a field in Can Parra. The hay will come from vetch, barley and oat seeds and will be used as fodder for local livestock. «This», declared the president, «is unequivocal evidence the revival we’ve talked about in Formentera’s rural areas is really there».

The plots where the hay is being sown are part of Formentera's recently-established farmland reserve (el Cens de Terres de Cultiu), a store of 135 hectares of land temporarily donated by Formentera property-owners to be made use of this winter. In November the cooperative plans to sow 15 hectares of hay – 5 in La Mola and 10 between Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran. The following month, when the cooperative sets out planting cereal crops, they estimate the number will grow to 70 hectares (20 each in La Mola and Sant Ferran and 30 in Sant Francesc). The work is being carried out by novice farmers and long-time professionals alike, both contracted by the Formentera cooperative.

The measures were devised to enhance the beauty of Formentera’s rural zones and reactivate the local primary industry. President Ferrer took the opportunity to encourage more owners of underworked plots to donate them to the cooperative. The process, which usually lasts between three and five years, is completely free and ultimately benefits owners, who, Ferrer pointed out, «save money on maintenance, regain an improved terrain and receive discounts on products and services through the cooperative».

Formentera pushes back Sunday's beach-cleaning due to good weather

Neteja escoles platgesThe Formentera Council's environmental office has postponed the beach-cleaning outing originally scheduled to take place this Sunday, 22 November, in the Ses Illetas zone of the island. Department head Daisee Aguilera pointed to the spell of good weather over the last few days and the recent beach-cleaning carried out by groups of school children as the motives behind the office's decision to «postpone Sunday's community cleaning effort until future storms require further action».

Taking stock after schools coordinate beach-combings

All told, when on 27 November the last group comes back from the beach, 380 local kids between 4 and 12 will have done their part tidying up at the Ses Salines park and Migjorn and ses Platgetes beaches. At the end of each outing, office of environment staff lead recycling workshops and talk to pupils about properly separating waste before tossing it in the bin. «The goal is to raise awareness from a young age», said Councillor Aguilera, who was sure to thank local schools for their involvement.

IB-DONA wants to get your say on equality law

RP ib-dona premsaEarlier today in the plenary hall of the Formentera Council, before a crowd comprising representatives from different local associations, councillor of social welfare Vanessa Parellada joined Rosa Cursach, director of the Balearic institute for women (IB-DONA), in a press conference concerning a draft law on equality known in Catalan as la Llei d'Igualtat.  

The councillor expressed her gratitude to Ms Cursach for «coming in person not only to explain the legislative change, but also ask for residents' help in this process». Cursach appealed to the people of Formentera «to take an active role in the drafting of the law». She added: «With acts like this one today, we hope to create a space where that can occur».

From 4:15 to 5:30 this afternoon in the hall of ceremonies (la sala d'Actes) of the department of culture, the two officials will once again present the draft law. The presentation is intended for the benefit of students of an office of social welfare course on integration and anyone else who was unable to come in the morning.

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