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Ses Salines's average entries per-day in summertime? 541 cars and 922 scooters

mobilitat sostenibleThe Formentera Council reports that from May 19 to September 30, in terms of non-resident island visitors, the ses Salines nature preserve recorded an average of 541 cars and 922 scooters entering the park every day. This summer, the nature reserve's total tally of cars driven by out-of-towners was 72,514 (3,901 less than in 2016). Headcount of tourists visiting by scooter? 123,585, or 21,523 less than last year. Meanwhile, looking at 2015 figures, this year non-resident drivers made up for 3,015 more of ses Salines's car visits, and 1,463 less of its scooter visits. Councillor Rafael González divulged the information today at the Council.

Ses Salines's Formentera site has parking for 384 cars and 1,132 moterscooters, though, due to rotation, the total number of vehicles in lots at times exceed this capacity. Bus access to the nature preserve has been regulated since 2016. Regular bus service has remained in 2017, with buses allowed a maximum of 13 trips in and out per day. Discretional service into the park has dropped, to 42 buses entering the park compared to last year's high of 72.

Ibifor, which holds the contract to superintend the preserve's car parks, took in €775,895, €102,213 less than in 2016. The Formentera Council will keep €140,000, plus an additional variable sum (€26,650) based on total revenues. The money is funneled into park maintenance, like beachside safety upgrades and road repairs. Inside the park there are services for road cleaning and rubbish collection, both part of a broader effort to better the park's image.

For two years running, quads have been prohibited entry into the park in an effort to minimise degradation and promote conservation.

Shade spots
As was already the case last year, the Balearic coastal authority applied a discount on the Council's lease of car park areas, in exchange for which the administration continues its gradual rebuilding of shade structures over parking lots. Last year crews rebuilt the arbour at the lot adjacent to ses Xalanes beach (point of access to Pirata beach bar) and efforts continue afoot this year.

Individuals who enter the park on foot, bicycle or by electric vehicles are not charged admission, park of the Formentera Council's ongoing commitment to sustainable mobility.

Children, youth and social initiatives once again at heart of participatory budgeting

Foto consell entitats 7 11 2017Yesterday evening Formentera's coalition of island organisations met to discuss results of the vote on participatory budgeting in 2017. Online ballots were cast by representatives of 31 local associations, and yesterday assembled coalition members gave the go-ahead to allocate this year's €325,000 budget to the three most popular projects.

The top voted projects, according to community involvement councillor Sònia Cardona, start with a roughly €100,000 fitness circuit for the elderly in Sant Ferran, built along the town's ring road. Second in line is a youth park, budgeted for approximately €209,000 and slated for construction in a public-use area at the juncture of carrers Guillem de Montgrí and Major. Lastly, coalition reps green-lighted an initiative to purchase an accessible sailboat for €16,000.

Aside from the boat, which the Council has already bought, the projects will be carried out in 2018 “in order to ensure maximum impact,” explained Cardona. She stressed that the coalition's bottom line remains “children and youth, social programmes and the disabled”. In the words of Councillor Cardona, the show of commitment “gives cause for thought, and says a lot about where this coalition is at right now”. She pledged the results of the vote “wouldn't go unnoticed by the Council's cabinet”.

The first convocation to initiate the 2018 participatory budgeting process will be held in January.

'Hilos,' winner of national youth performing arts distinction, comes to cinema

Fotocon-bobinas-2The Formentera Council Office of Culture and Festivities presents Hilos, a stage production for audiences seven and up. The show, which hits Formentera's cinema, la Sala de Cultura, this Saturday, November 11, at 9.00pm, runs sixty minutes. Admission is five euros for adults and three euros for youth under 25. Tickets will be available at the cinema box office the day of the event.

Included in the programme of the Formentera Council-backed Illa a Escena, the production is also part of PLATEA, an effort to spotlight first-class national acts set in motion by INAEM (the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport's institute of performing arts and music).

Hilos explores motherly love by riffing on the love between a mother and her newborn. We enter the world bound by an umbilical cord which, though cut at the moment of birth, remains a live wire, tethering the two parts much like an invisible string. The sublime acting of Rosa Díaz is charged with feeling and earned her the FETEN's best female actor prize in 2016.

The troupe
La Rous theatre group was founded in 2008 by Rosa Díaz, actress, director and dramaturge since 1984. Artistic residences abroad exposed her to diverse fields of study and new modes of working, and she gave courses in directing, acting and voice.

World-class prizes like the 2009 FETEN youth theatre festival's award for best production; the 2011 national children and youth theatre award for artistic quality, coherence and originality; awards for best female acting, best stage design, best original score at FETEN 2014 speak to her talent. Now, before Formentera audiences, she presents Hilos, winner of prizes in dramaturgy and acting by a female.

Conversations: Arms, struggle and resistence on Formentera (16th to 20th century)

Xerrada santi colomar mailThis Thursday, November 9 at 8.00pm, historian Santi Colomar will be at Marià Villangómez library to offer a talk titled “Arms, struggle and resistence on Formentera (16th to 20th century)”. The evening will include meditations on the island's function as an observation point and battleground between Ibizans and North African corsairs when stripped of regular inhabitants. On the growth of a local population from the 18th century, and the subsequent formation of militias to confront external dangers. On the 19th century, when disappearing outside perils left the commonplace presence of arms intact. On one exceedingly rare case of bloodshed, a duel at can Damià des Trull in 1919. On the Spanish Civil War and episodes of struggle and resistence on Formentera, namely the strike, organised by the CNT, of workers of the island's salterns during the Second Republic (1936-1939) and popular protests to defend natural spaces like sa Pedrera, or stop outsize projects like es Ca Marí campsite.

Formentera takes quest for green tourism to London

Wtm foto grup 2017The World Travel Market, England's largest travel trade show, began its three-day run today. As the expo cranks into gear, tourism secretary Alejandra Ferrer and the chief of the island's board of tourism, Carlos Bernús, will be on hand to represent and promote the island to London travellers.

Aside from a presence at the Balearic Islands' stand, where tourism students from UIB have been enlisted to speak to expo attendees, Formentera shares a stand with Menorca and Mallorca that sits opposite the fair's central hall, a location that Councillor Ferrer assured had “great visibility”.

Sustainable strategy
According to Ferrer, for the islands' designated day tomorrow, a presentation before representatives of at least 15 media outlets will focus on individual islands' “sustainability strategies”. She said they planned to take stock of the Save Posidonia Project and “talk about our ambition for increasingly earth-conscious tourism. Like we always say, it's about quality, not quantity”.

At the same time, the Formentera reps are sitting down with travel agencies, tour operators and public relations firms to plot out communications and marketing strategies for their UK markets. Forecasting a handover of tourism promotions authority “in the next few months,” Ferrer described the Council's plan as “getting to work winning back our British travellers, particularly with the good connections that Eivissa has in the off-season and through winter”. The Council, she said, hopes to pander to Brits by promoting the array of activities on the island “that don't involve sun and beaches,” like birdwatching, gastronomy, sport and culture.

The Formentera agents are reaching out to specialised firms and media outlets to sniff out more diverse fairs. Looking ahead to the transfer of authority on travel promotions to Formentera, the island, said Ferrer, is scouting for tourists interested in “typically low-season activities”.

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