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"Talks for families and teachers" returns with new lectures from October to May

The Formentera Office of Social Welfare is pleased to announce plans for nine new lectures as part of the 'Talks for families and teachers' (Xerrades per a famílies i docents) which turns four this year. Talks run from October to May and are supported by the Teachers' Resource Centre (Centre de Professorat) and local parents' associations.

Led by José Ruiz Sánchez, a doctor of philosophy, speaker and the author of such books as "El arte de pensar", the first of the talks will offer tips to helping children become critical thinkers. The talk will be held on 21 October at 5.00pm in the Consell de Formentera Sala de Plens, located next to the Day Centre.

Councillor Ramírez highlighted his pleasure at being able to deliver an entirely face-to-face programme, insisting that the resulting "space for learning and exchanging ideas and experiences" was "ideal for preventing the development of problematic behaviour and providing support to families and teachers on the island in their respective tasks".

Programme 'Talks for families and teachers'

21 October: "Helping our children become critical thinkers", José Carlos Ruiz.
11 November: "Intentional eating. The art of being present at the table", Lydia Micó.
25 November: "With positive education, everyone wins", Cristina Torres.
20 January: "Teens today. Love and educate them when they need it most'", Jaume Funes.
10 February: "The Internet and pornography, what do we do as families",  Lluís Ballester.
10 March: "What if my son or daughter uses drugs?", Alicia Bustos.
31 March: "How to raise kids not to endure or inflict violence", Marina Marroquí.
7 April: "Supporting children and families through loss and grief", Belén Calafell.
5 May: "Emotional education for families and teachers", Raül Genovés.

All sessions will start at 5.00pm in the Consell de Formentera Sala de Plens. Daycare will be provided. Children must wear masks and health and safety measures in force will be upheld. Interested parties should reserve their spot in advance by emailing educaciosocial@conselldeformentera.cat or by calling 971 321 271.

18 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2021-2022 xerrades

Cabinet reshuffling

Consell de Formentera President Ana Juan has put her signature on executive decrees informing a reshuffling of the island's government during the second half of the presidential mandate. Changes in the delegation of powers will be seen in the housing department, which will be overseen by Councillor of Social Welfare, Management and Transparency Rafael Ramírez, and the equality department, to be piloted by the president by virtue of a June 2019 agreement.

-ANA JUAN TORRES, President and Councillor of Commerce, Entrepreneurship and Equality.
-ALEJANDRA FERRER KIRSCHBAUM, 1st Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism Development and Promotion.
-SUSANA LABRADOR MANCHADO, 2nd Vice-President and Councillor of Culture and Education.
-RAFAEL RAMÍREZ GUTIÉRREZ, 3rd Vice-president and Councillor of Social Welfare, Management, Housing and Transparency.
-BARTOMEU ESCANDELL TUR, Councillor of Economy, Finance and General Services.
-ANTONIO JESÚS SANZ IGUAL, Councillor of Environment and Inspection Services.
-RAFAEL GONZÁLEZ RIBAS, Councillor of Mobility and Territory.
-RAQUEL GUASCH FERRER, Councillor of Heritage, Language Policy and Training.
-JOSEP MARÍ MAYANS, Councillor of Infrastructures, Primary Sector and Interior.
-VANESSA PERELLADA TORRES, Councillor of Youth, New Technologies and Citizen Participation.
-PAULA FERRER MAGAÑA, Councillor of Sports, Human Resources and Island Services.

18 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Next week crews start work on access road for Formentera's nursing facility

foto 2021 residenciaAThe Formentera Office of Infrastructure is pleased to report that next week crews will begin building the road that will service the island's long-term care facility and improve access to the local hub of health and social services, part of a €901,796 project that is scheduled to take five months.

The upgrades will mean creation of a one-way road linking Carrer del Metge Vicent Riera Ferrer (access road to the hospital) with the road leading to the cemetery. Crews will also urbanise and beautify the area, not to mention put in new pedestrian walkways and street furniture, a bus stop and 28 parking spaces for cars and others for bicycles.

Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer expressed her satisfaction "because soon the access road to the care home will be a reality", and assured that "in the meantime, the final steps are being taken to open it". "It is only fair that we can provide Formentera's elderly and dependent people with this service, so that if they need it, they don't have to leave the island."

Infrastructure councillor Josep Marí said that additional work would entail urbanising areas near the nursing facility and adult day care centre based on integrated models of landscaping. Marí, too, affirmed that the move marked a quantum leap forward for the accessibility of the island's health and social services hub.

Formentera's health and social services hub includes the hospital, nursing facility, funeral parlour (Tanatori), cemetery and adult day centre (Centre de Dia). Work will be conducted by Matias Arrom Bibiloni SL.

14 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera and EBAP sign deal for police cadet training courses in Pine Islands

foto 2021 ebapConsell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer and the chief of the Balearic office of the first minister, civil service and equality, Mercedes Garrido, signed an agreement today to make Eivissa, for the first time ever, the site of the Balearic School of Public Administration (Escola Balear d'Administració Pública, EBAP) training course for local police cadets. The course will be open to cadets from Formentera. Also at the signing were Formentera's councillor of interior, Josep Marí, along with regional civil service office director Carmen Palomino and managing director of the EBAP María del Carmen Iglesias.

"Hopefully this will mean a larger pool of candidates who are qualified to work on the island", said President Ferrer, "and help us cover staffing gaps that go back years." Ferrer called for a change and increased flexibility in the system guiding how candidates enter law enforcement "so that the island can keep the local force appropriately staffed and keep officers where they trained, unlike in the past".

Garrido said it was the first time the training would be held off Mallorca, and highlighted Formentera cadets as "a key part of the equation": "Training on Eivissa was a request we heard a lot", confided the regional minister, "and the driving goal is to make sure the public administration is more accessible on every one of the islands, and to create training opportunities for candidates on Eivissa and Formentera."

Applicants to Formentera Local Police must complete a training course to learn to meet the demands of work on the force. Recruits undergo a process of selection and a period of practicum.

The agreement ensures scheduling of a one-off "decentralised" offering of the 42nd basic training course for aspiring cadets from Eivissa and Formentera.

Class size will be determined based on appointed cadets completing practicum as part of the selection process overseen by the Consell de Formentera.

The EBAP will set dates for the course once competitive exams for municipal selective processes have ended, and according to organisational scheduling imperatives. In any event, yearly "satellite" sessions of the training are envisioned in the years ahead.

The EBAP will purchase material necessary for the remote sessions, provide administrative support and pay to train instructors, plus cover travel and lodging costs for personnel who can't be appointed with habitual residence on Eivissa, as well as expenses in the event participants must travel to Mallorca for shooting practices.

14 October 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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