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Council launches new call for applicants for scientific research grant

Rp beca investigacio premsaThe Formentera Council’s department of culture and patrimony held a press conference today and announced it is accepting applications for the 2015 period for its 6,000€ research grant. Department head Susana Labrador indicated applicants can come from any area of the arts, humanities or social sciences.

Councillor Labrador reminded the crowd of winning work from years past, including the 2012 study “De qui venim: anàlisi psicocultural de la gent gran a Formentera” by Josep Maria Garcia-Borés, the first grant recipient. In 2013, Vicent Ferrer Mayans and Raquel Guasch Ferrer were awarded the grant for “Estudi ecotoponímic de les véndes de gregal de l’illa de Formentera”. And last year’s winner was Maria Bofill Martínez, for her project “L’estudi de les comunitats prehistòriques de Formentera a partir de l’anàlisi funcional dels artefactes lítics i ossis”.

In the coming days rules of participation will be posted on the online bulletin of the Balearic Islands (BOIB) and candidates will have 20 business days to present their projects. Then, when the deadline has closed, a panel will select a winner based on «scientific interest, coherence, methodology and a CV submitted by the applicant», said Councillor Parellada.

According to Parellada, the grant – now in its fourth year – demonstrates the Formentera Council’s clear support for scientific research on the island of Formentera. She noted this year’s call for applications would be published in universities and other educational centres in the Balearics and across the Catalan-speaking territories.

Formentera’s craft workers vote for group rep tomorrow

Mercat Mola PremsaThe Formentera Council’s department of trade has set tomorrow 18 November as the date for local card-holding artisans select a new representative. Three have come forward as candidates: Hernan Fernández, Cristina Chapuis and Àngel Berenguer. The poll will be open from ten in the morning till one midday in the Council’s office of the department of culture. The winning individual will serve a four-year term on the island craft workers advisory committee, an arm of the local administration. All of Formentera’s 54 card-holding artisans and 9 accredited master artisans may exercise their right to vote.

1715. La fi del regne enmig del mar? opens doors to Formenterencs

expo 1715 premsaThe traveling exhibit 1715. La fi del regne enmig del mar? premiered at the Born Centre Cultural de Barcelona  and is now making its way across the islands. Yesterday, 9 November, local crowds got a first look at the exhibit, on display at the municipal gallery (la sala d'exposicions) of the town council in Sant Francesc. The exhibit’s creators cast a gaze on a war known as the Guerra de Submissió (1705-1715) and, on the occasion of the tricentenary of the event, they set out to represent the perspective of the Balearic and Pitiüsa islands.

1715 shows the participation of residents of the Balearics in a historical event often forgotten or ignored today. The curator, Bartomeu Mestre, readily dusts off different bygone images: the sailors and artillerymen helping defend a besieged Barcelona, or those men depicted in El Regne enmig del Mar, set in the Balearics. The exhibit was created by Born CC de Barcelona with the additional help of the OCB (Orquesta Sinfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya) and the 1715-2015 Tricentenary Civic Committee.

Short texts and some twenty images across twelve panels form the heart and soul of the exhibit. Each panel is headed by two lines of verse written by Guillem d’Efak and culled from El Regne enmig del Mar (Siau qui sou!). It is open to the public Monday through Friday from nine a.m. to two p.m. until 21 November.

To mark the occasion, two special talks have been organised. The first will take place Monday 16 November, led by local historian Santiago Colomar under the title Les Pitiüses i la Guerra de Successió: la derrota d’un model politic. The talk will begin at eight p.m. in the gallery of the exhibit.

Then, on Friday 4 December, Mestre, who not only curates the exhibit but also authored the text used therein, will give a visual conference entitled De la presa (1715) a la represa (2015) at eight p.m. in the Marià Villangómez library.

Formentera will have archaeological map of underwater sites

signatura conveni arqueo sub premsaJaume Ferrer and Sebastià Munar, presidents of the Formentera Council and the Institut Balear d'Estudis en Arqueologia Marítima (IBEAM), met today to sign a pact which, Ferrer said, «lays down the framework for joint action between the Council and IBEAM to create a map of Formentera's surrounding underwater archaeological sites».

President Ferrer noted that Formentera's 2015-2016 directive on managing cultural heritage sites establishes the commissioning of such a map as a priority task. The IBEAM, he pointed out, is a non-profit association whose mission is to «research, protect and raise awareness about the undersea cultural patrimony of the Balearic Islands».

The accord signed today has a period of validity of five years and stipulates assistance from the Council in the amount of 2,000 euros for research and lodging costs. Councillor of patrimony Susana Labrador underscored the importance the map will have for the Council: «It will provide for localisation and description of sites that make up our marine patrimony, which is the first step in being able to effectively manage and protect them».

Help locating underwater heritage sites
Munar said that once completed the map will become property of the Formentera Council and noted that viewing privileges must be limited to experts «in order to avoid plundering». He called the map a «living document» that will be constantly updated, and thus called on help from the people of Formentera in general — and fishermen and sailors in particular — reporting any underwater archaeological ruins to the CiF office of patrimony, or to agents of the Guárdia Civil.

Continuing education
The IBEAM will provide online courses and facilitate youth-oriented workshops to raise awareness about the need to preserve Formentera's undersea patrimony. A documentary film of the work that goes into the creation of the map is also envisaged. Munar said a crowdfunding campaign is being launched to help meet financing costs. At present, Trasmapi, Fundació Abel Matutes, Decathlon, Vellmarí, Marina de Formentera, Ibiza Fun Rent Car and Global Star Events have all jumped on board to join the Formentera Council and the Guárdia Civil in their work.

For programming on Day of the Child, Formentera pull out all the stops

RP infanciaEarlier today, councillor of social welfare of the Formentera Council (CiF), Vanessa Parellada, unveiled the list of activities currently being coordinated by the departments of the Council for this 20 November, International Day of the Child. The celebration will be one more way to assure the different documents that safeguard human rights – whether the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – are heeded. Explained Parellada: «These declarations define a clear path with respect to the conditions and opportunities necessary for children’s well-being and development».

At the local level these tenets are reflected in a number of ways: first, as the councillor noted, there was the Child-friendly City distinction received by the Formentera Council on 17 October 2014. At that time, the CiF committed to drafting a plan to increase youth visibility and involvement on the island. Hence, this year, the departments of the Council with youth programmes put their heads together to create an extra special Day of the Child celebration.

Promoting sport and physical fitness
Councillor of sport Jordi Vidal described the open-house on 21 November as the perfect opportunity for children and families to get a close-up look at the Antoni Blanc sports centre and the wide range of activities offered there. «Moreover», Vidal explained, «from eight to midnight the evening prior, the fitness centre is putting on a special night of sports for youth 14 to 18».

Education and culture
Councillor Labrador spoke about the different educational and cultural activities planned for 20 November. First: a series of eight beach-cleaning outings will get local schoolchildren out in the sun and participating in civics. Children of the island will also be taking part in a UNICEF-hosted drawing competition that carries the tagline «Reinventing the future». Then, in an initiative to promote intergenerational exchange, Formentera pupils in year five and six will be taking time out of their day to play board games with users of the island's day centre. Part of the same push, the Sant Ferran centre for the aged will host a craft workshop of traditional toys this 7 November.

Councillor Labrador spoke about the following three activities that make up the cultural side of Day of the Child festivities: a concert, 5:30 p.m. on Sunday 8 November by Dàmaris Gelabert, at the cinema; a film projection in the Sant Ferran library on 12 November; and — also at the cinema — a storytelling session on 18 November.

Raising environmental awareness
For her part, councillor of environment Daisee Aguilera talked about the importance of consciousness-raising activities — like the beach-cleaning walks her office coordinates — for even young children. She announced one such foray is already planned — especially for families — for 22 November. Participants can also take part in a special workshop on recycling.

Staff specialist of the Council's office of youth services, Mònica Rey, signalled two upcoming talks directed at parents or any adult interested in parenting. The first of these is called Els fills no vénen de Mart. Els pares de vegades ho sembla (Children don't come from Mars. Sometimes it seems parents do), and will be led by Paco Pérez from 7 p.m. in the conference hall of the CiF cultural building. The following Friday the 13th at the same time and place, Anna Manso will give a talk called Mares i pares imperfectes (Imperfect parents).

On 20 November, Formentera children will visit the Balearic parliament in Palma to take part in a plenary session of the children's parliament there. Then, 26 November, a certain number will be party to a plenary of the youth participatory council (el Consell de Participació de la Infància i la Joventut), held in the plenary hall of the Formentera Council. Finally, Rey announced a concert for local youth would take place at 9:30 pm, 27 November, in the Sa Senieta tent.

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