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Council rubber-stamps creation of governing code of ethics and transparency

Foto votacio codi etic agost 2017Earlier today members of the Formentera Council sat down for the administration's September plenary session and voted unanimously to draft and review a code of ethics for good governance and transparency.

First, the measure aims to insure that “principles of efficiency, impartiality, austerity and responsibility underpin the work of public servants”. It was created, in that vein, to “increase the administration's transparency and guarantee public access to information”. The adopted text was presented by PSOE and PP.

Sònia Cardona, the CiF's secretary of community involvement and transparency, took up the mission with gusto, proclaiming, “I think it's a one of a kind opportunity to spotlight our administration's commitment to transparency and good governance”. This year, the crusade will be one of the most preeminent in Cardona's department.

Holiday season 2018: Sant Jaume and Sant Francesc
The day's session saw a unanimous 'yes' vote for a proposal on scheduling holidays in 2018. The celebrations will include Sant Jaume feast on July 25, a date which is unchanged, and Sant Francesc's once-a-year bash on December 3. Unanimous support was also received by the proposal to ratify appointments to the island's Council of Entities.

Also passed with 'yes' votes from every party except the PP was a socialist measure calling for coherence in respecting human rights, difference and LGBTI individuals. The vote came in response to—and rejection of—a campaign by the Balearic group “Hazte Oir”.

Fresh push for asbestos removal
Lastly, the PP received support in urging asbestos to be removed across Formentera homes and private properties. The goal of the initiative, much like a similar one four years ago, is to support efforts to remove the harmful component and educate the public about the importance of doing so.

Official statement
In the wake of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, the plenary also brought approval for a cross-party condemnation of the “horrific terrorism that took place August 17”.

In a repudiation of terrorism, the text adopted by council members denounces the “savage and bloody attack on our neighbours and so many others with no regard for birthplace, beliefs or religion.

“We wish consolation for the families and friends of the victims and for the injured a quick recovery,” reads the statement, which goes on to applaud “the excellent work of law inforcement—particularly agents of the Mossos d'Esquadra—as well as sanitation services and volunteers”. “This will not succeed in making our freedom- and democracy-loving country stumble,” says the text, “Only with culture, tolerance and democracy will the peoples of the world peacefully coexist”. It closes with a declaration: “We are united in this fight. We are not afraid”.

Visiting carabinieri agents bid farewell

Foto comiat carabinierisEarlier today in a conference hall of the Formentera Council a farewell send-off was held for two Italian carabinieri stationed on the island this summer as part of a joint effort with local Guardia Civil forces. The law enforcement officials stressed the importance of such collaboration, which, according to Antonio del Fresno, Guardia Civil commander on Eivissa, has been “very impactful”. CiF president's office secretary Bartomeu Escandell gave thanks to the agents for their now three-year commitment on the island. In summer, a considerable number of the tourists Formentera receives are Italian.

Drones enlisted to patrol Formentera’s coasts for illegal fishing

Foto presentacio inspeccio pesca amb dronsThe Formentera Council's surveillance services are announcing the rollout of coastal drone patrols to complement fishing checks. The goal, says Bartomeu Escandell, chief of the president's office and secretary of rural affairs, “is to leverage low-cost surveillance technology to take aim at illegal fishing on our coasts”. The new service will complement the conventional patrols already carried out by the Council's fleet.

An outside specialist firm is being brought in to oversee the inspections, which will include 15 monthly flights. The checks, conducted by Drones Mallorca for €11,205 before tax, began July 15 and will continue through December 31.

Each patrol will require a report including photo evidence and write-ups of possible offending actions. Any legal action to follow—and the specific authorities to be concerned—will be determined according to where illegal activity took place. The new technology can be harnessed to guarantee that both professional and recreational fishermen abide by existing rules. Next week will see the start of a push to monitor raor fishing.

Formentera stands with Barcelona

Foto minut de silenciIn observing a minute of silence outside the steps of the Casa Consistorial at 12 noon today, the women and men of the Formentera Council wished to express their sorrow following the attack that shook Barcelona yesterday and show solidarity with the victims and their families.

Formentera local police break up three drinks sales spots at Ses Illetes, confiscate itinerant vending material

Foto venda ambulantFormentera local police have brought charges in 8 cases of alleged itinerant vending on Ses Illetes beach between August 13 and 14.

Law enforcement agents struck two supply points and one station used by the beachside vendors to prepare and sell mojitos. The agents confiscated 99 articles of clothing, 305 bottles of water, 40 refreshments, 54 necklaces, 8 plastic containers of fruit, 5 coconuts and a rucksack with material for making mojitos.

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