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Open applications for work-study course in Catalan for local youth activity leaders

The Formentera Office of Local Development is pleased to report that applications are being accepted for a work-study programme leading to professional accreditation. Participants who successfully complete the Leisure Activities in Catalan course (Monitors de temps lliure i català) will be accredited to lead educational leisure activities for children and youth. The offer is open to unemployed islanders between the ages of 16 and 29 who are registered with the Employment Service of the Balearic Islands (Servei d'Ocupació de les Illes Balears, SOIB). Applicants must also be registered in the National Youth Guarantee System (Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil) through the Formentera office of the SOIB.

Interested participants have until 23 October to register on the SOIB website here.

19 September 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022ix soib temps lliure

Consell de Formentera announces new round of SOIB programme to promote jobs and training in social and health care

The Formentera Office of Local Development is pleased to report that ten jobless islanders will be able to take part in SOIB 30 Formació i Ocupació, a work-study programme to obtain professional accreditation in social and health care for dependent persons in social institutions. Applicants must be 30 or older and registered as unemployed with the Balearic Employment Service (Servei d'Ocupació de les Illes Balears, SOIB) at the time of hiring and start of training.

Interested parties must register on the SOIB website. To register, click here.

The deadline is 23 October. Visit the SOIB website for complete information.

16 September 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera celebrates Sustainable Mobility Week by promoting cycling

The Formentera Office of Mobility is pleased to announce that 2022 European Sustainable Mobility Week will run Friday 16 September to Thursday 22 September, with two local actions to promote sustainable mobility.

Conventional and electric bicycles
20 to 22 September, 10.00am to 1.00pm in Sant Francesc's Plaça de la Constitució, Formentera's two bicycle vendors will present an array of conventional and electric bicycles. Residents can try them and learn about special discounts currently available. There will also be bicycle accessories, such as helmets, lights, vests and more.

Free tune-ups for residents
20 to 22 September, local cyclists will also benefit from a free servicing and tune-up. Taller Es Brolls Formentera (Carretera de la Savina, km 2) will offer the service from 8.00am to 7.00pm, and Formentera Cycles (Carrer Guillem de Montgrí, 35, Sant Ferran) will offer it from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.

Residents with an ID card and certificate of residence (preferably on mobile phone/paperless) can visit the shops and an expert will offer a free tune-up. The offer includes basic servicing of the chain, wheels and brakes.

Rafael González hopes that these actions will get "more people on the island moving around on electric or conventional bicycles. These vehicles adapt very well to the characteristics of the island". Finally, the councillor pointed out that sustainable mobility also includes buses, which until 31 December are also free for residents.

15 September 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022ix setmana mobilitat

'Essential for Formentera'–President presses Balearic environment chief for solutions

Today Ana Juan, president of the Consell de Formentera, sent a letter to Miquel Mir, Balearic minister of environment, requesting a meeting "to discuss issues that we consider essential for our island". Speaking on behalf of the cabinet, President Juan spoke to an interest in tackling issues like plans to regulate ships anchored on Formentera's coast and patrols to assist anchoring on posidonia. "Summer 2022 is proving once again just how urgent it is to regulate anchorage on our coastline", she asserted. "Saturation isn't just increasingly unsustainable, it's dangerous for our environment. What's more, this year patrols of watercraft anchored on posidonia are less than fully functional".

President Juan also called for improvements at the waste water treatment plant –"local irrigators currently have no way to use treated water for agriculture", she said– and pledged to press for a new campaign to ramp up checks on the pine processionary caterpillar affecting Formentera's pine trees.

5 September 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Ajuntament de Formentera turns 200

foto 2022viii formentera bicentennialToday Ana Juan and Alejandra Ferrer, president and vice-president of the Consell de Formentera, respectively, and Sa Unió representative Llorenç Córdoba, presented the events programme to commemorate the bicentennial of Formentera's governing authority this October. The ceremony was also attended by Raquel Guasch, councillor of heritage, whose department is promoting the event, and programmer and coordinator Manolo Oya.

President Juan pointed out that, as documented by historian Isidor Macabich, this August marks two centuries since the island's first ajuntament was established, an event which Formentera's current governing authority intends to commemorate by organising various events. "We want the programme to be primarily a popular celebration, because as an institution, the Ajuntament de Formentera represents the people. Over the years municipal government has always defended the general interest, and imperatives like safeguarding our land, identity and social equilibrium mean this remains crucial today", said Juan. The president stressed that the events also "recognise the work and efforts of individuals who have dedicated part of their lives to serving the community".

The president asserted the programme is about "further integrating the different communities that make up Formentera, who are essential to our culture and society" and invited the entire population to enjoy the event.

For her part, Vice-President Ferrer cast the role of the ajuntament as "fundamental", and insisted that "throughout history, this authority has had to enact courageous measures to defend the island in line with the demands of local society and for the benefit of the general interest".

Mr Córdoba lauded "two centuries of work by municipalities and islanders, which has made the Formentera we know possible", and insisted, "It is all of our responsibility to not squander this great common effort".

Finally, Councillor Guasch drove home the important role of the ajuntament and the people who, for the last two hundred years, have made it possible. She had additional praise for the local archival office for "stewarding, preserving and showcasing the island's documented history".

Programme (20-27 October)
Mr Oya said the activities bill was about making sure that "the people of Formentera participate as much as possible".

Thursday 20 October
Round tables at Sala de Cultura (Cinema)

7.00pm: "Governing on Formentera: the last 39 years" – Mayors' round table moderated by Pepo Rubio

8.30pm: "Transformation and conservation: The present of Formentera" – Association, trade union and industry confederation representatives participate in a round table moderated by Toni Ruiz.

Friday 21 October
Concerts and festival in Plaça de la Constitució.

8.30pm: Roots music performances with artists born or based on Formentera, including Aires Formenterencs, Paquita Juan, Genoveva Tur, Tamara García, Cani Huertas, Ermanno Panta...

10.00pm: Barbecue
11.00pm: Performances of funk, rock and Latin music from local musicians like Genís Campillo, Mariano Menteguiaga, Nuno Alves, Maya Alexander, Eki Hoffmann, Eric Doornweerd, Kelly Neuenschwander, Pierre Alain, Tomás Rinalde...

Monday 24 October
Sala d'Exposicions "Ajuntament Vell". A look at the history of the Ajuntament de Formentera, including photographs of buildings and past mayors, accounts, objects and documents (bastó de comandament, municipal books, electoral rolls, budgets, etc.)

Thursday 27 October
8.30pm: Contemporary music and performance of dance and movement at Sala de Cultura (Cinema).
Compositions by Hugh Levick. Musicians: Mario Molina (piano), Catalina Sureda (violin), Esteban Belinchón (cello). Movement by Valeria del Vecchio and Pablo Arias.

Artist Sean Mackaoui created the image that celebrates the Ajuntament de Formentera bicentennial. In 2009, Mackaoui took part in "Visual Poetry", an exhibition incorporating works by Joan Brossa and Chema Madoz at Sala d'Exposicions "Ajuntament Vell".

30 August 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022viii formentera bicentennial

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