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New protocol to spot and report cases of child abuse in extracurricular programmes

The Formentera Office of Youth report that yesterday's issue of the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands (Butlletí Oficial de les Illes Balears, BOIB) features notice of approval by the Director General of the Balearic Office of Children, Youth and Families (Direcció General de Infància, Joventut i Famílies, DGIJF) of protocol to detect, communicate, evaluate, treat and monitor cases of abuse in non-school leisure activities for children and youth.

Vanessa Parellada, Councillor of Youth and Citizen Participation, has discussed the protocol with local associations to ensure they have the tools to report violence against minors, regardless of immediate attention that victims may be receiving, per Articles 15 and 16 of Organic Law 8/2021 (4 June) on comprehensive protection of children and adolescents against violence.

Click here to view the protocol in Catalan and Spanish as well as the form to register for DGIJF's targetted training courses organised in association with the Youth Agency of the Balearic Islands (Institut Balear de la Joventut, IBJove) to help spot and report these cases.

Councillor Parellada told association representatives that "since some of you organise activities for children, we believe it is necessary to ensure that this training reaches as far possible, and work together to spot abuse and contribute to a safer and fairer world for our children".

25 February 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

A February full of proposals at Casal de Joves

foto 2022 Casal Joves fotoThe Formentera Office of Youth is pleased to announce the February activities programme at the Casal de Joves.

Wednesday 2 February: The Casal's "Otaku" afternoon, with a space reserved for Japanese comics.
Friday 4 February: A gardening workshop where participants care for Casal plants and prepare this year's crop.
Friday 11 February: Surprise game! A childhood favourite.
Saturday 12 February: Valentine's Day workshop, with the spotlight on romantic love. Stir it up, approach it with caution, question it, tickle it and celebrate positive affective relationships.
Friday 18 February: Cooking workshop with our instructors Aisa and Dana.
Saturday 19 February: All-ages field day.
Friday 25 February: Intimate carnival celebration with mask-making for children 10 and up.
Saturday 26 February: Table tennis tournament. Prizes in this now-classic tournament include a pizza, headphones or a speaker. Great motivation to practise and have fun!

Other activities at the youth drop-in centre include table football, card games and film and documentary screenings. Vanessa Parellada, Councillor of Youth, encouraged local youth "to spend these February evenings with other young people and friends always accompanied by staff activity leaders". The councillor also highlighted the activity on romantic love, "because the prevention of unequal relationships is one of the cross-cutting axes of youth work".

The Casal de Joves is open Tuesday to Saturday from 4.00pm to 10.00pm. More info on social media: @casaldejovesformen. You can also contact us by email (casal@conselldeformentera.cat) or by phone (607.142.846).

31 January 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 casal joves

From Fons Pitiús de Cooperació, Formentera welcomes Giramón

Next Monday, 17 January at 6.00pm, the "Ajuntament Vell" exhibition space will open its doors to Giramón, an exhibition which will remain on view until Thursday 27 January.

This exhibition is designed to teach children in early-childhood education about other places around the world. Torta, a travelling lizard, brings together five children from various countries and continents and leads on an active discovery of each other's daily activities.

During one-hour guided tours, groups of four and five year olds from Formentera schools take it in turns visiting the exhibition. Pupils from Mestre Lluís Andreu, Verge Miraculosa, La Mola and Sant Ferran will discover a more positive image of other countries and ways of life. According to the Fons Pitiús de Cooperació, "The exhibition teaches children about all they have in common with people in other parts of the world, as well as the essential roles that women often play and the importance of community in the lives of featured individuals: whether in decision making, conflict resolution, project development or elsewhere; children will also grasp the importance of nature and continuous contact with it, and the ability to live with few material things".

The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday from 11.00am to 2.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm. The Sala d'Exposicions "Ajuntament Vell" is closed on Sundays, Monday mornings and bank holidays.

14 January 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 giramon

Casal de Joves starts year with activities to ignite creativity and assorted other programming

foto 2022 casal felic any nouThe Formentera Office of Youth is pleased to announce the activities scheduled this January at the drop-in centre for young islanders. The programme kicked off 4 January with a hot cocoa party, or xocolatada, before picking up four days later with a spin art workshop and a bracelet making workshop on Wednesday the 12th.

The following activities are forthcoming this month:

Friday 14 January, 6.30pm, Casal de Joves, soap bubbles workshop.

Saturday 15 January, 6.30pm, Casal de Joves, farewell to the Christmas holidays (packing up decorations).

Wednesday 19 January and Wednesday 25 January, screenings of films and documentaries on topics picked by youth.

Friday 21 January, 6.30pm, Casal de Joves, table football tournament for children 10 and up.

Saturday 22 January, 5.30pm, Casal de Joves, coloured salt workshop for children 10 and up.

Friday 28 January, 6.30pm, Casal de Joves, creative nails workshop.

Saturday 29 January, 6.30pm, Casal de Joves, workshop painting doves of peace. These activities tie into the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace on 30 January. As Vanessa Parellada, Councillor of Youth, explained, "Every month, we propose activities related to the interests of young people at the Casal. This month we spotlight creativity, critical thinking and solidarity – one of the focal points of the Peace Day activity".

All activities are in line with current COVID-19 regulations.

13 January 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Jam-packed year-end calendar at the Casal de Joves

foto 2021xi casalThe Formentera Office of Youth is pleased to announce the activities calendar at the youth drop-in centre this December. Programming starts today (1 December) with a creative workshop and continues tomorrow (2 December) with an array of proposals like a film relating to people with functional diversity, a community which celebrates its day on 3 December.

On Saturday (4 December), the Casal hosts "Otaku" - the centre's monthly rendezvous for adepts of Japanese animation. Saturday (11 December) comes with be a cooking workshop and Friday (17 December) with an evening of games: six to sixteen year olds can come from 5.00pm to 7.00pm and over-16s are welcome from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. On Saturday (18 December) local youth will decorate the Casal with pine cones, logs and recycled material. On Tuesday and Wednesday (21-22 December) the Three Kings' royal pages will stop in at primary schools to pick up children's wish lists, a visit which is sponsored in part by the Casal.

On Wednesday (22 December) youth at the Casal will craft greeting cards with special messages for the holiday season. And on Thursday (30 December), the last day of the Casal's 2021 programme, young people with gather to share New Year's resolutions and relive memories from the previous twelve months.

Vanessa Parellada, Councillor of Youth, offered a message of thanks to the team whose efforts make the Casal's year-round programme possible, and remarked with satisfaction, "Thanks to you, our youngsters understand that they have place and programme all their own". Parellada additionally voiced hopes that, moving forward, the Casal could expand its proposals to offer activities Sant Ferran, "where in 2022 we hope to be able to program more activities for young people in the new Espai Cultural".

The Casal de Joves will accept donations of winter clothes, toys, food and medicine until 8 December. Donated items will go to SOS Refugees Eivissa-Formentera to help refugees in Greece. The Casal de Joves opens Tuesday to Saturday from 4.00pm to 10.00pm, except 24, 25 and 31 December.

1 December 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2021xi casal de joves

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