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Squaring up before entering the world of the restaurant industry

foto restauracio 1The Formentera Council's Office of Social Welfare has announced that a training course on basic restaurant and bar operations, coordinated jointly between the administration and the Balearic Islands job service (SOIB), will reach its scheduled end Friday January 27. The training for disadvantaged groups has served eight Formentera residents and was financed with government money. Two professors oversaw instruction, which has been aimed at preparing participants for work in the hospitality sector.

Lessons, held in SOIB-accredited spaces owned by the Council such as one classroom in the Sant Ferran seniors' centre, were broken down into three subjects: 120 hours in basic restaurant service, 90 hours in fast preparation of food and drinks and 80 hours of non-work professional experience within a firm. The initiative had a budget of 19,200 euros.

Theory-based and practical classes
One aspect of work practice consisted in preparing breakfasts as a method of applying the theories studied in the classroom. Today, to mark the end of training, students will organise a special lunch for local restaurant owners, representatives of Formentera's small and medium-sized business association, the Chamber of Commerce and the Formentera Council. Classroom instruction ends tomorrow, allowing students to begin work experience in the local world of restaurants.

According to social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada: “One of the Council's priorities is delivering training for the unemployed, especially those individuals facing obstacles to job market entry. In order to ensure maximum reach and a diverse range of topics, we organise training programmes on a rotating basis, for youth workers, lifeguards, language learners or social healthcare workers.” Parellada added that the Council's efforts to expand its network of SOIB-accredited training centres is ongoing, and spoke of the need to overcome the challenge posed by Formentera's “triple insularity”.

At plenary, Formentera signs on to pact to tackle gender violence

ple desembre 2016Council members gathered today to celebrate the administration's December plenary session. Across the board support was received by a proposal to adhere to the regional government's so-called “social pact” against gender violence. The Formentera Council committed to a series of actions, which social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada described as “awareness-raising and mobilisation around the pact, developing and implementing a plan for equality in 2017 and establishing a protocol for response to gender violence at the local level”. In addition, the councillor promised a forthcoming working group would be tasked with prevention, improving training for people employed in the field, planning actions at schools and educational centres and supporting local women's groups that work to promote gender equality.

Job stability
Members of the plenary also unanimously backed a measure to make temporary employment contracts permanent. According to estimates, the proposed changes would provide job stability to some fifty workers. Councillor Parellada explained the measure would allow individuals to forego yearly or biannual contract renewals while they waited for the selective processes that would allow for professional advancement.

In the last plenary session of 2016 attendants backed a measure calling on the Palma ministry of education and university to both create a local professional music and dance conservatory and transfer authority over its management to the Formentera administration. Another proposal, to maintain the 50% Balearic Islands residents' discount on boat tickets irrespective of counter-fraud activity, was also adopted.

People with disabilities at Day Centre pilot veg patch and aromatic garden

feina hort aromaticLocal social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada and Maria Uriarte, the director of island's care centre for dependent individuals, sat in on occupational training course centred around the centre's vegetable and aromatic garden. The hands-on course, just one of the numerous therapeutic activities made available to people with disabilities at the Formentera Day Centre, is premised on enabling individuals to achieve their maximum level of personal autonomy and social involvement through comprehensive daily work. Underpinned by personalised care for each participant, the course turns on the idea of stimulating and maintaining participants' abilities and aptitudes.

The course will entail students' preparation of the aromatic plant garden, which will later provide material to be incorporated into personal care products, like soaps and oils, and ultimately sold. Technical support in the planning and execution of the course came from Petits Jardiners, a company run by Pablo Aixelá.

The course is aimed at giving individuals at the Formentera Day Centre occupational training-style alternatives for personal and social development. Other objectives include promoting participants' ability to engage in interpersonal relationships, as well as increased personal autonomy and community involvement.

More specific targets exist as well, like participants' learning how to safely and appropriately use tools and understanding the steps that go into the creation of a garden as well as the forthcoming task of crafting original products and selling them at Formentera's Christmas market and farmers' market.

During its initial phase, the ten individuals taking part in the course will meet twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11.00am to 12.30pm. The price of setting up the garden and the first phase's associated costs totalled five thousand euros.

Formentera jumps aboard push to tackle gender violence

foto presentacio pacteCiF vice-president Susana Labrador, along with social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada and numerous representatives from local groups and associations, gathered today to hear Pilar Costa and Rosa Cursach speak about the crusade to stamp out domestic abuse. At 11.00am in the administration's plenary hall, the minister of the president's office of the Govern balear and the chair of the Institut Balear de la Dona gave a talk centred on what's being called the “pact against gender violence”.

Under code word ReAcció, the initiative launched by the Palma government and IB-Dona aims to galvanise people around concrete steps to denounce, prevent and eradicate violence against women.

According to the CiF vice-president, the Council will sign on to the ReAcció manifesto and pact at next Friday December 17's plenary gathering. She also highlighted a forthcoming plan for equality and a new framework for taking aim at gender violence locally. The social welfare councillor called the “social covenant” a way to meet the urgent need for active local involvement around the issue.

Visit www.reaccionem.com to read the manifesto and sign on to the conditions. Individuals can take part by pledging to participate in any one of a number of suggested actions. Groups and associations can propose their own ideas for contributing to the social pact.

A week of activities taking aim at gender violence

foto premsa donaSocial welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada, together with Dolores Fernández Tamargo, chair of local women's organisation Espai Dones, and CiF social welfare office operating manager Azuzena Carrasco, unveiled the poster advertising the programme for the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women". The activities programme will start Friday and run through the following Saturday, November 26.

The women's association has scheduled a workshop aimed at strength building and personal improvement to be given by psychologist Pere Serra. The workshop is slated for Friday, 6.00 to 8.00pm, and Saturday, 10.00am to 12 noon, and will be held in classrooms of the Formentera adult learning centre, next to Mestre Lluís Andreu primary school. On Monday, November 21, there is a vernissage of Paz Die Dean's new exhibition, A corazón abierto, in the Council's exhibition hall (sala d'Exposicions). Wednesday, November 23, Formentera will receive a visit from Nadia Ghulam, a young Afghan on a mission to share her experience as a woman in Afghanistan under the Taliban. Her talk will begin at 7.00pm in the conference hall (sala d'Actes) of the Office of Culture.

The day of the celebration, Friday, November 25, will hold an afternoon replete with activities and events. At 5.00pm an informational stand will be set up at plaça de la Constitució in Sant Francesc, and at 5.30pm there will be a reading of a manifesto about eliminating gender violence. A 6.00pm workshop entitled Remodelarte will guide participants though the production of a collage at the Centre Antoni Tur “Gabrielet”.

Stand-up comedy and dinner
Saturday, November 26, stand-up comedian Patricia Sornosa will take the stage at the municipal cinema. Tickets for the show are priced at €8 or €5 for Espai Dones members. As ever, a communal dinner for all the women who wish to participate will be held at 9.30pm. Reservations can be made by calling 697 941 016.

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