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October dates and early details unveiled for Formentera Fotogràfica 2021

foto 2021 formentera fotografica CThe Formentera Office of Tourism reports that the ninth edition of Formentera Fotogràfica, the local photography festival initially scheduled to take place in May, will be held 8–12 October 2021.

Cristina de Middel, Miss Beige, Sofía Moro and Fernando Maquieira will share the stage on Formentera with other leading figures of contemporary photography and visual culture. Organisers announced the names of six of the festival’s speakers today and said additional details about the programme, registration period, prices and promotions, including resident discounts, would come in the days ahead.

Consell de Formentera premiere and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer hailed “another year of visits from brilliant professionals and photography enthusiasts revelling in the island’s unbeatable backdrop for photos”.

Spanish photographer Cristina De Middel has been an associate of the Magnum agency since 2017. She investigates photography’s ambiguous relationship with truth and questions the stereotypes that lead to a blurring of the line between reality and fiction. After 10 years as a photojournalist and humanitarian photographer, De Middel published the acclaimed The Afronauts in 2012, following the series with more than 13 projects and publications and winning accolades like the ICP’s Infinity Award in 2012 (New York City) and the National Photography Award in 2017. De Middel’s work has been shown in over 50 exhibitions internationally and features in collections such as the Tate Modern and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Ana Esmith is a journalist, performer and Instagram artist known by the pseudonym Miss Beige. The Madrid native studied drama in London, where she lived and worked in stage productions as a creator and director for over 15 years. With Miss Beige, Esmith’s years in journalism and art find a new outlet in performance, her first exploration of non-verbal work. Rituals of appearance, aesthetics of artifice and reflection on gender form part of the conceptual background as the artist liberates the image of femininity understood as a cultural construction based on arbitrary conventions, imposed over the centuries.

Freelance photographer Sofía Moro specialises in editorial portraiture. She contributes regularly to Vanity Fair and El País Semanal magazines, where she has published over a hundred portraits and more than 20 cover stories. Other more personal projects centre on human rights, such as the book ¿Quién merece morir? (2018) and the exhibition Cuidadoras (PhotoEspaña 2020). In 2010 she won first prize for portraiture in the Foto-Nikon contest, and in 2019 she was named finalist in the international LensCulture Portrait Awards.

Fernando Maquieira is a Spanish musician and photographer specialising in art and architecture photography. His many publications include the Guía Nocturna de Museos, which offers a new look at museums under the influence of night and the absence of light. Maquieira built 2018’s breakthrough Alucinosis around rediscovered travel slides which years in cardboard boxes had left caked in mould and bacteria. In 2019, Alucinosis’s colours, psychedelic shapes and built-in study of chance and time’s passage could be seen at the Revela’t festival.

Jon Cazenave is an economist and visual artist. He sees photography as an intimate exercise in anthropology and enlists his personal language of ancestral signs and symbols in contemporary creation. Cazenave is an austere, silent, intense and synthetic author, and follows a quest for knowledge based on introspective questioning in an effort to better understand broader contexts. After thirteen years of preparation, Cazenave’s Galerna was published in 2020 by the iconic publishing house Éditions Xavier Barral i Dalpine.

The professional endeavours of Gloria Oyarzabal are split between film, photography and education. A visual artist, photographer, fine arts graduate, programmer and co-founder of the Madrid arthouse cinema La Enana Marrón (1999-2009), Oyarzabal used a three-year sojourn in Mali to hone her study of the African imaginary, processes of colonisation/decolonisation, new colonialisms and the diverse voices around African feminisms. In 2017, the artistic residency “Ranchito Matadero Nigeria” between South Africa and Madrid and “Art House Foundation Lagos” in Nigeria helped Oyarzabal advance her research on the colonising of the concept of woman. Of the many awards she has received, the Aperture Paris Photo’s Best Photobook of the Year (2020) stands out.

Formentera Fotogràfica is “fotografia en família”. Great names in contemporary photography piloting intimate hands-on and theory-based sessions in the service of knowledge, reflection and collective creation. An invitation to professionals, students and image enthusiasts to exchange experiences face to face with a varied group of industry players against the incomparable backdrop of Formentera.

Since 2013, Formentera Fotogràfica has welcomed 75 leading photographers such as Alberto García Alix, Martin Parr, Joan Fontcuberta, Isabel Muñoz, Donna Ferrato, Eugenio Recuenco, Chema Madoz, Joana Biarnés, Colita, Manuel Outumuro, Samuel Aranda, Gervasio Sánchez, Antoine d’Agata, Manel Esclusa, Tino Soriano, Carlos Pérez Siquier and Cristina García Rodero.

5 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Gradual reopening of Formentera’s craft and art markets starts Saturday

foto 2021 mercatsThe Formentera Department of Commerce reports that Saturday 1 May marks the start of the season for vendors at local craft and art markets, with merchants returning to stalls in Sant Francesc and Es Pujols as soon as tomorrow. Elsewhere the yearly kick-off has been set for the 15th (La Mola) and 29th of May (Sant Ferran). The mercat in La Savina is expected to reopen in early June, exact date yet to be confirmed.

“An island-wide launch was initially scheduled for 15 May”, confided commerce chief Ana Juan, “but we listened to artisans who pressed to get things going a little earlier. Although footfall is low at this stage of the season, it’s important to be able to open and start work”.

The markets will continue until October, and this year like last, the Consell de Formentera will subsidise one hundred percent of fees paid by vendors in stalls on the public thoroughfare, said Juan.

Hours will be adapted to public health protocol and curfew rules. From tomorrow, the Mercat des Pujols opens Monday to Sunday, 7pm to 10pm. The Mercat de Sant Francesc, meanwhile, will keep regular hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 2pm.

30 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Calling all whizzes of marketing, communications and creativity: FORMENTERA20 is back

foto 2021 f 2.0The Formentera office of tourism reports that from 27 to 30 May, Formentera20 will celebrate its ninth year as a forum where authorities on digital culture mingle and share ideas and talent. Scheduled to play out in an array of local settings, the four-day event will embody the Formentera20 hashtag #DesconnectarPerConnectar [DisconnectToConnect].

Consell premiere and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer shared her satisfaction at seeing plans move forward for the local gathering of industry pros. “It’s more than a just boost to our off-season numbers”, she insisted, “because attendees actually help promote Formentera while they’re here”. That extra help is particularly important now amid the pandemic, she added, “because Formentera20 participants will be able to enjoy the island and tell the world about our wealth of outdoor spaces on social media”.

In the words of Formentera20 director Rosa Castells, the event is “a chance to network, share ideas, get inspired, spend time with industry leaders and learn about what’s happening in the digital world”. As in years past, celebrated prodigies of marketing, communications and creative industries will be on hand to share expertise and ideas and see the latest trends in digital culture. Castells told attendees to expect “a lineup of world-class speakers”, with organisers covering the worldly-wise quotient with guests like HBO vice-president Patricia Reis and @isabelitavirtual, a creative chief whom Webby Awards celebrated for Best Content in Art and Culture.

Expert speakers:
Patricia Reis, VP Marketing, HBO
Mónica Moro, Managing Director of Creativity, McCann Espanya
Elena Bule, Communications Chief, Twitter Espanya
Carlos Fernández Guerra, Digital Chief & Social Media Manager, Iberdrola
Miquel Martí, CEO, Barcelona Tech City | www.barcelonatechcity.com
Mar Abad, Director and Co-founder, El Extraordinario podcast [Former Yoroboku founder and Brands & Roses producer]
Soraya Castellanos, Spain Lead, TiK ToK
Isabel Martínez, Creative Director, @isabelitavirtual
Javier Piedrahita, Director, Marketingdirecto.com [moderator]

Who is Formentera20's target audience? Formentera20 is for passionate professionals of the digital world—for communicators, marketing lovers and individuals who want to be in the know to better articulate their project or business proposal.

Discussion will centre on communications, marketing, creativity, branding, content, social media and how to use the ever present resource more proficiently. Participants also share space, and that closeness makes it possible for real networking to take place and ideas to be exchanged, often the catalysts for new projects. Castells says this is what makes Formentera20 truly unique.

Interested parties can find out more and sign up at www.formentera20.com, but spaces are going fast. To encourage participation, organisers have implemented a 50% discount for Formentera residents.

28 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera ramps up efforts to court Spanish and international travellers

foto 2021 madrid AConsell de Formentera premiere Alejandra Ferrer and chief of marketing for the island’s office of tourism, Carlos Bernús, who are currently in Madrid, took part today in an encounter with travel agents and niche companies to promote Formentera as a destination for domestic and global travellers in 2021.

Holding up the wealth of natural sites and outdoor spaces Formentera can offer lockdown-weary travellers, President Ferrer underscored a local tourism industry which, after the lessons of year-one of the coronavirus pandemic, “is better prepared to adapt to changing health safety regulations” and “is ready to make the island the safest destination it can be”.

This afternoon, Ferrer and Bernús will be on   “Miradas Viajeras” promoting Formentera to listeners of Madrid’s Capital Radio. As always, Formentera’s representatives will work hard to pander to pre- and post-season travellers, plus highlight expectations around the arrival of visitors when emergency orders are lifted 10 May.

Various promotional events
Since Tuesday, the island has participated in a series of webinars organised by Tourespaña to court Polish travellers. For years, the island has prepared Polish versions of its main promotional material, making the current task of Formentera’s representatives even easier.

The island’s “Strategic Tourism Sectors” (“the SET”) have also met this week, with health and wellness committees renewing efforts to coordinate improvements with the Consell and SET-affiliated small businesses. In another bid to boost arrivals, Formentera has joined ‘Land in Sicht’, an online expo for Switzerland’s German-speaking travellers that started Thursday and continues through Sunday.

Lastly, Carlos Bernús gave an online presentation for members of the trade press yesterday, and today and tomorrow he will participate in Fiets & Vandelbeurs, an online event where Formentera will court travellers from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, where the island is represented by Baltus Communications. The trade fair aims to draw travellers interested in outdoor sports.

23 April 2021
Communications December
Consell de Formentera

Formentera adopts 2-year plan to reactivate tourism

foto 2021 pla reactivacio turisticaEarlier today the island’s Planning and Promoting Tourism Committee (COPT) passed the Tourism Reactivation Plan (PRT), a document setting down the island’s strategic axes and a roadmap for 2021 and 2022 tourist seasons. Chaired by Consell premiere Alejandra Ferrer and first deputy premiere Ana Juan, the committee meeting was attended by representatives of the local tourism industry, including the Formentera Hotel Association, Chamber of Commerce, Formentera’s league of small- and medium-sized businesses (Pimef), Confederation of Balearic Business Associations (CAEB), travel agencies, as well as political party representatives and the Consell’s head of marketing for tourism, Carlos Bernús.

Ferrer said the PRT had received input and buy-in from stakeholders in local tourism and described it as “a reflection not only of local priorities, but of the work done over a year during which covid-19 has loomed large”. Ferrer also pointed out that, with the public health situation in constant flux, the plan would have to be “adapted based on the changing face of the pandemic and restrictions”.

The first part of the plan concerns public health measures, controls on their application and education to ensure compliance. The second, economic responses to mitigate fallout from the crisis. The third portion, which deals with the island as a tourist destination, marketing strategies and “the Formentera model”, looks at the island’s weaknesses and opportunities together with insight into practical adaptation of the Tourism Promotion Plan (PPT) for 2021.

‘Safe as possible’ destination in summer 2021
COPT attendees reviewed efforts in 2020 to enforce public health measures and raise awareness about them among islanders and tourists, before enumerating required steps to become a “safe as possible” destination ahead of summer 2021. President Ferrer talked about the key importance of “getting national and European vaccination rates to where they need to be for safe reactivation of the economy”. The PRT calls on the central government to keep working with regional authorities on safe corridors, “to make the Balearics a competitive destination” and to establish provisions for efficient controls on arriving travellers.

It also urges Madrid to put systems in place to guarantee a workable form or “health passport” and proper analysis and data checks.

The PRT focuses particular attention on the importance of safe arrivals, in which travellers can be called on to attest low incidence rates at places of origin plus proof of negative Covid status and/or vaccination, as well as, now that the vaccination push is progressing, vaccines for workers and flat-rate Covid tests.

The PRT also calls for the creation of infrastructure and a service in charge of measures to enable mass testing on arrival and/or departure if travellers’ countries of origin so require.

Ferrer said appropriate measures would mean islands working separately: “Public health data should be treated on a per-island basis so the whole region doesn’t close based on the situation on just one island. And we need to differentiate between positive cases among residents and positive cases among visitors, so we can be sure we’re getting real rates of actual cumulative incidence and positivity. This is key to ensuring an island isn’t sealed off to travel due to incidence rates among departing travellers”.

Lastly, the document urges the Balearic authorities to work with individual island governments on a single document, or roadmap, detailing summer measures and strategies after emergency orders are lifted on 9 May.

Economic response
First deputy premiere Ana Juan highlighted direct and indirect aid from central and regional authorities in the past year, on furloughs, for instance, as well as aid disbursed by the government of Formentera. She also held up other measures, set to continue till 30 April, like rebating fees on occupation of the public thoroughfare, extending deadlines on works and delivering assistance to freelancers and small businesses. “Work to lead Formentera to economic recovery continues, as do efforts to restore our tourist destination to its pre-pandemic state”, said Juan.

The PRT asks for the possibility of full or partial furloughs both during and after the tourist season; and that lower rates of the Sustainable Tourism Tax, tied to reduced occupancy rates, be extended until things return to normal.

COPT participants also agreed on the importance of rebate measures so companies can cut costs and increase their viability, and resolved to work with the ferry companies to guarantee adequate connections and fares favouring longer stays.

Marketing and tourism model
The PRT also includes a summary of the 2021 Plan to Promote Tourism, which highlights Formentera’s destination, marketing and tourism model and offers analysis of the island’s weaknesses and opportunities. The local strategy remains tied to sustainability, including in mobility, rural recovery, safeguards on culture and heritage, and aims to achieve social equilibrium, economic improvement and environmental protections.

21 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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