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"Discover Formentera in May" back to attract visitors in low season

The Formentera Office of Tourism is pleased to present this year's "Discover Formentera in May" campaign, in which the Consell co-organises events and activities for visitors who also receive big discounts on ferry tickets, car rentals and accommodation as well as other low-season perks.

cartell 2022v B descobreix

"May is an ideal time to come to spend a few days on Formentera," explained Alejandra Ferrer, Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism, "and if we add to this all the advantages in place at the start of the season, we hope that many people can join and enjoy this campaign".

Jam-packed bill of activities and discounts

From Formentera Astronòmica and Formentera 20 to Formentera Fotogràfica, cultural activities during the month of May abound. Sports-wise, the Marnathon and Half Marathon are just two of the events which tourists and islanders can enjoy. Moreover, three ferry companies are offering a 25% discount on ticket prices and sixteen participating lodgings will apply discounts of up to 20% on room rates or bonuses such as free breakfasts. A car rental and a diving company are offering discounts on their prices this May as well. For more information, visit this section of the Formentera tourism website.

Gastronomic Weekends

From 29 April to 1 May and 6 to 8 May (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Formentera welcomes Gastronomic Weekends, a tasting initiative in which eight hometown restaurants serve up gastronomic meals at a set price of €25 (drinks not included).

cartell 2022v A caps de setmana

The meals are designed especially for the occasion, with some restaurants offering traditional fare and others deploying creative vision and delivering updated takes on standard classics. Complete details are available here.

26 April 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Consell presents fortification plan to "preserve and revitalise the business fabric of Formentera"

foto 2022 enfortiment AYesterday the Formentera Office of Commerce presented the commerce fortification plan, which President Ana Juan described to roughly thirty local business representatives gathered in the Consell de Formentera auditorium as "a plan to preserve, invigorate and enrich the commercial fabric of Formentera by fortifying local business".

The president was joined at the presentation by Oriol Cesena, a representative of Focalizza, the consulting firm that developed the plan and which specialises in creating and developing tools that help grow commercial activity. The plan's preparation and development was part of a commitment made by cabinet councillors and endorsed at the debate on the state of Formentera, said President Juan. "It also reflects the concerns and suggestions of Formentera businesses". For Juan, "our driving purpose is to maintain and enhance the essence of Formentera's commerce and public and private collaboration is essential to making that happen".

Mr Cesena explained that the plan is structured along 4 strategic lines, 11 targeted programmes and 39 actions to be developed in the years ahead. "The programmes derived from these overarching lines must be sufficiently concrete to be operational, but they must also be flexible enough that they can be revised and adapted to the possible dynamics of commercial transformation on the island", he said.

Strategic priorities

The following strategic lines of action are proposed: promote the planning of commercial activity, with specific programmes to recover the sector's image and prestige in Formentera towns; boost Formentera businesses' competetiveness and the local economic fabric by promoting local commerce and delivering services linked to tourism and strategies that help position the local product as a key piece of the productive sector; to preserve the buy-local model while generating new economic activities on the island; to generate prestige in the existing economic fabric year round, and finally, to promote and regulate the business sector. "Promoting and bringing visibility to local business means communication and promotional campaigns, but it also includes a wide range of steps to involve islanders in buying local, and we need a communications approach to attracting different segments of consumers", said Cesena.

22 April 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera presents pre- and post-season tourist activities in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid

foto 2022 activitats turistiques CFormentera has developed a Tourism Communication Strategy to draw attention to local attractions and events and draw Spanish travellers to the island. An important part of the strategy are six planned roadshows catering to the source markets in Spain with leading air and sea connections. The first phase took place in April, with presentations this week in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid for major media (press, radio, television and internet) and local travel agents. These presentations enjoyed the enthusiastic attendance of nearly seventy journalists and over forty travel agents.

Alejandra Ferrer, Formentera's Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism, and Carlos Bernús, Chief of Tourism Promotion, have been describing the draws and strengths of a destination which, amid two years of pandemic impasse, has become increasingly popular among Spanish travellers keen on safety and proximity. In addition, Ferrer and Bernús got chance to conduct interviews with national media representatives in each city to reinforce the impact of these events. "Formentera has shown its strong commitment to sustainability, presenting the Save Posidonia Project, formentera.eco and other initiatives that are currently underway", relayed Ferrer, who underscored "nature, cultural and sports activities driven by protection of the local surroundings and identity".

Other focal points include the island's eco-gastronomy, where local products are paired with local wines, and of course, the hotel industry, which encompasses a diverse array of accommodations across a range of prices.

Vice-President Ferrer drew attention to "the multitude of low-season events that make Formentera more than just a summer destination, like 'Formetera20', 'Formentera Astronòmica', 'Formentera Fotogràfica', 'Formentera Zen' and others. All of these are included in 'Discover Formentera'", which she described as "a way to visit a privileged setting with the added value of the most varied, quality events and the chance to relish a tranquil getaway at the best price".

In May, the second phase of this promotional roadshow will include three other important markets: Malaga (9), Sevilla (10) and Bilbao (18).

21 April 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera promotes itself at Milan's BIT travel expo

This Sunday to Tuesday, 10 to 12 April, the Formentera Office of Tourism will participate in the BIT Fiera Milano, a travel expo in Milan. According to promotion chief Carlos Bernús, local representatives will be at a stand where they will highlight Formentera's charms directly to members of the public.

Representatives will also meet with tour operators and journalists to point up the low-season offer of activities and cast the island as a sustainable destination where cultural, sports, heritage and gastronomic activities can be enjoyed in continuous contact with nature. The "green routes" nature trails and bird-watching circuits are other attractions that will be promoted as well.

By participating in this fair the island's tourism promotion office seeks to preserve a brand of tourism that has traditionally been loyal to Formentera, and also to draw families and visitors who respect nature and local traditions. The Italian market is currently second only to the Spanish market.

8 April 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

cartell 2022 bit mila

100-plus job offers from 18 companies and 4 government agencies at Formentera's first Employment and Enterprise Fair

foto 2022 fira ocupacio BToday Formentera celebrates its first Employment and Enterprise Fair [Fira d'Ocupació i Emprenedoria]. The event's opening ceremony was presided over by Ana Juan, President of the Consell and Councillor of Entrepreneurship; Antoni Baos, General Director of the Balearic Office of Vocational Training, and Dolors Roig, Director of the Eivissa-Formentera arm of the Balearic Employment Service (SOIB). The fair is held in Jardí de ses Eres and Centre Antoni Tur 'Gabrielet', where 18 businesses and four government agencies were on hand with more than one hundred job offers. The day will also include training workshops for people interested in entrepreneurship.

President Ferrer underscored her hope that the fair would be "the first of many", confiding that a perennial employment fair would serve a two-part purpose: "Bring together companies and workers so they can forge synergies, and enable our collaborators, SOIB and Marc Ferrer Secondary School, to offer the training they offer". Juan said that the Consell is working to launch the Entrepreneurship Centre [Centre d'Emprenedoria], which she hopes will "help diversify the local productive sector and economy".

The human resources department of the Consell de Formentera has also presented its own job offers. Personnel of the local police force, fire brigade and lifeguards were on hand as well, describing to the young people of the island the nature of their work and the requirements for entry.

As Ms Roig asserted, "It is a pleasure to participate in this Consell de Formentera-backed initiative that helps us to offer our services". Mr Baos underscored his office's pride at taking part in the fair and held up a visit earlier in the day to the Entrepreneurship Classroom of the island's secondary school, which offers four training cycles and "helps secure Formentera's future supply of workers and entrepreneurs".

Students in the Basic Vocational Training Cooking and Hospitality Course provided catering during the fair.

7 April 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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