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Cleaning pharmacy shopfronts

foto 2020 neteja farmacies1The Formentera Department of Environment reports that, in line with a request from the Official College of Pharmaticists in the Balearic Islands, crews have ramped up their efforts to clean and disinfect pavements adjacent to urban pharmacies across Formentera.

Pharmaceutical professionals have pointed out the current health emergency has seen a jump in visits to chemists, with attendant queues of customers waiting for their turn to enter. Formentera’s municipal cleaning services use special disinfectant cleaner and pressure washers in these areas and other busy urban spaces.

26 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Formentera ramps up cleaning in main urban centres

foto 2020 neteja covid1The Formentera Department of Environment reports that since Wednesday, a collaborative effort has been under way with local cleaning contract-holder Ferrovial to sanitise and pressure-wash the busiest areas on the island. Department chief Antonio J Sanz pointed out that the undertaking is happening “in compliance with ministry recommendations and in the interest of the public good”.

The following measures are already being deployed:

-Backpack sprayer application of liquid disinfectant on street furniture in island’s main urban centres. Often low-concentration solution of bleach.

-As is periodically done, local squares are being pressure-washed according to recommendations on water-diluted liquid disinfectant. (Similar actions will be replicated in high-footfall points such as ATMs and supermarkets in urban areas.)

Cleaning crews will be outfitted in special suits, gloves and masks.

The Department of Environment also announces that the woodchipper service for garden clippings has been suspended.

20 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Consell scales back hours at refuse centres and suspends home pickup of oversize rubbish

foto Deixalleria 2020The Formentera Department of Environment reports that in light of the health crisis, hours of operation will change at the rubbish drop-off point (Deixalleria) and Es Cap waste treatment site, and the decommissioned vehicle disposal yard will temporarily close. Home pickup of oversize waste has also been suspended.

The Deixalleria will open Monday to Saturday from 8.00am to 1.30pm (Sundays and holidays, closed); Es Cap rubbish treatment plant, Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 3.00pm (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, closed).

According to environment conseller Antonio J Sanz, “the change just made sense”. He described it has part of the wider confinement effort and encouraged islanders to “respect health recommendations, stay home and practice social distancing — for now it’s essential”. “For things to go back to normal we need everyone to be responsible by avoiding all non-essential trips out of the house”, Sanz continued, saying acceptable motives to travel included “buying basic essentials, for example, or going to work if it can’t be postponed or done remotely”.

Handling rubbish at home
The Consell de Formentera reminds islanders of the Spanish Ministry of Health’s recommendation for handling rubbish at home.

Households where no one is infected or under quarantine are encouraged to separate waste as usual. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste that winds up at treatment plants, please remember, proper separation of paper/cardboard, glass, plastics and organic waste if applicable is key. Please only place items in bins that correspond to the accepted items as listed.

And one last short reminder is in order: latex and nitrile gloves such as those used on outings out of the house are not plastic and hence, must not be placed in the yellow containers, which are for plastics only.

Likewise, according to the health ministry, households in which at least one of the members is infected with Covid-19 or under quarantine should dispose of the patient’s waste, including single-use objects like gloves, tissue paper and masks used by the patient, in a plastic bag-lined dustbin (BAG 1) which should be located in the patient’s room (if possible, the bin should have a lid and a foot-push lever). Waste separation in these cases is unnecessary.

BAG 1 must be properly closed and placed inside another rubbish sack (BAG 2), which will in turn accommodate gloves and masks used by the caregiver. BAG 2 must be properly closed before being taken out of the room.

BAG 2 and its contents should be placed into the bag (BAG 3) containing the household’s non-organic and non-recyclable waste — i.e., “resta”. After closing BAG 3, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for 40-60 seconds.

BAG 3 must be put into the general rubbish bin. Under no circumstance must these bags be placed in organic, plastics, paper, glass or fabric bins or left standing nearby.

19 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Roughly thirty take part in clinic on ditching single-use plastics

foto 2020 taller plasti-fri1The Formentera Department of Environment reports that nearly thirty people turned out today for a workshop aimed at helping Formentera hotels, restaurants and cafés eliminate single-use plastics. Held in the hall of ceremonies of local government, the event was sponsored by the Consell de Formentera, Ibiza and Formentera Marine Forum and Plastic Free.

Environment chief Antonio J Sanz opened the event by applauding both of the Consell’s co-sponsors for their ecological commitment. “This is an incredibly important day”, he said, before launching into an enumeration of the day’s talking points, like application of new Balearic legislation on waste and alternatives to single-use plastics.

Ibiza Preservation Fund’s Sandra Benbeniste said Formentera’s own environmental advocacy was worthy of praise as well, insisting “the goal here is to keep the process moving forward; progress like Formentera’s is ideal”. Benbeniste insisted that the island’s size and particular configuration made it “a shoo-in as a leader in sustainability”.

A range of alternatives to disposable plastics were spotlighted over the course of the day, as well as examples of companies that have opted to say no to such single-use products. Spokespeople from Can Vent and Gecko Hotel gave presentations of efforts at both establishments to nix single-use plastics.

The decision to stage today’s workshop on Formentera and another one, 1 April, on Eivissa can be traced back to the Ibiza and Formentera Marine Forum, a group that insists the Balearic legislation on waste involves far from simple requirements affecting individuals and, even more, businesses. The present moment offers a unique occasion to foment new habits in consumption, they say, as well as the chance to appreciate the Pine Islands’ natural surroundings and shape a future for them that is sustainable.

10 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Workshop offers help to members of hotel and catering industry keen to phase out single-use plastics

cartell iii2020 taller plasticThe Formentera Department of Environment reports it has joined forces with the Ibiza and Formentera Marine Forum and the group Plastic Free to host a how-to on decommissioning single-use plastics. Set to take place from 9.30am to 2.00pm on Wednesday 11 March in the local government’s hall of ceremonies, the free day-long clinic is directed at members of the island’s hotel and catering industry.

Environment councillor Antonio J Sanz said the workshop would cover new regional legislation on waste, how it applies to Formentera and how it stands to impact local businesses. “So much of the rubbish that’s generated today can be traced back to the hotel and catering sector, so if we want to move the needle downward in terms of the plastics we’re generating, their involvement is crucial”, he pointed out, underscoring the industry’s role in a steadily improving system of organics pickup on the island.

Staff specialist Javi Asensio will be on hand at the workshop offering a review of Formentera’s current waste management situation, and Bsplash’s Flor dell’Agnolo will talk about the Balearic waste bill.

Organisers will propose alternatives to single-use plastics and point out examples of firms that have already made the decision to eliminate such products from their repertoire. Plastic Free says the evening is about creating a space for debate where we can find effective ways to wean Formentera off single-use plastics. Terms of certification will be discussed as well, not to mention the Plastic Free certification process. Additional discussion will concentrate on best practices.

Firms which are interested in taking part in the workshop can get the complete details by emailing plasticfreeformentera@gmail.com.

9 March 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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