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Partnership with GE Espalmador

foto 2021 conveni GEEConsell de Formentera chief Alejandra Ferrer and Grup Esportiu Espalmador president Juan José Escandell signed a deal earlier today to support activities and events organisation and promotion at the municipal athletics camp (Escola Municipal d’Atletisme de Formentera, EMAF) in 2021. Deputy chief Ana Juan and GEE rep Jesus Ferrer were present as well.

Under the arrangement, €24,000 goes to hiring staff to oversee EMAF activities and another €12,000 goes to the planning, organization and implementation of various local sporting events.

5 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

La Cursa Solidària per a la Dona se celebra el pròxim 30 de maig

foto 2021 carrera solidariaLa setena edició de la Cursa Solidària per a la Dona se celebrarà el pròxim 30 de maig i comptarà amb recorregut únic de 8 quilòmetres, de Sant Francesc a Can Marroig, anada i tornada, per a la cursa i la caminada. La sortida serà des de la plaça de la Constitució a les 9 hores, per als participants a la cursa, i a les 10.45 hores per als de la caminada.

La inscripció solidària és de 10 euros i ja es pot fer a la recepció del Poliesportiu Antoni Blanc en horari d’atenció al públic. El pagament només es pot fer amb targeta bancària. La inscripció inclou camiseta i dorsal, que s’haurà de portar a la prova esportiva. La participació màxima és de 150 participants per prova, però també es pot col·laborar amb el dorsal solidari. La recaptació serà destinada íntegrament a l’Associació Espanyola Contra el Càncer (AECC).

4 de maig de 2021
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

Newly renovated pool reopens Wednesday with activities

foto 2021 piscina AThe Formentera Department of Sport reports that the municipal pool will reopen Wednesday after upgrades were carried out on the facility’s air-conditioning system and waterproofing. Since January, crews have installed a replacement dehumidifier and performed maintenance and waterproofing on the roof, not to mention upgraded changing rooms and instructor spaces, installed energy-saving bulbs in indoor lighting fixtures, repaired the pool bassin, installed new pipes in the boiler room and done general upkeep like painting and cleaning.

One of the primary tasks was replacement of the dehumidifier — a machine that was originally installed fifteen years ago when the pool was still covered, and which had reached the end of its useful life. Installation of the €102,850 replacement machine concluded an administrative process that had started last year and which was blocked for a time by the invocation of emergency orders.

Deputy premiere and temporary FDS chair Ana Juan welcomed news of the completion and apologised to islanders for the wait. The process hasn’t been easy, she insisted. Work suffered setbacks and snags, Juan said, some related to the pandemic, some not. And crews took the opportunity to do other repairs and maintenance in changing rooms and common areas. Juan told islanders to expect “a safer and newly improved indoor pool” and hailed the return of supervised activities, on hold since the start of the pandemic.

Return of supervised activities
Suspended since the onset of the pandemic, supervised activities like aquafitness and gentle gymnastics are also back on the agenda. Appointments and visits can be scheduled from tomorrow by calling 971 321 240.

As per safety protocol now in place, free swims will last forty-five minutes, showers can be used for fifteen minutes, and changing room lockers will remain off limits. Pool equipment may be used and once used, it must be disinfected. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and visitors may only remove their masks to exercise.

3 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Consell extends grace period on seaside kitesurfing till 15 May

foto 2021 kitesurfThe Formentera Department of Environment has issued a decree setting 15 May as the date the currently suspended kitesurfing ban will be reinstated at Formentera beaches. The ban, which applies to the shoreline and swimming areas, 200 metres from shoreline to sea and 50 metres from shoreline inland, typically takes effect 1 May.

FDE chair Antonio J Sanz explained that, with Covid-19 assuring a slow trickle of beachgoers and following a request from the local kitesurfers’ group to elongate the grace period, the Consell deemed it provided kitesurfing rules are respected. Sanz held up islanders’ growing enthusiasm for the sport in recent times, pointing to Formentera’s October 2020 hosting of Fórmula Kite Spain.

Local government is currently looking at ways to retool the municipal bylaw and define particular areas of the coastline for distinct seasonal activities so kitesurfers and beachgoers can share the seaboard.

1 May 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Formentera hosts second Undersea Photo Hunters’ Freedive

foto 2021 cazafotosub AThis weekend the island will welcome participants in the second Undersea Photo Hunters’ Freedive (Open Cazafotosub Apnea). Presented by underwater activity organisers Sota s’Aigu, the event will happen with support from the local offices of tourism and sports. Some twenty photo fans from the Canary Islands, Balearics and Valencian Community are currently signed up, with dives in local waters scheduled from 30 April to 2 May to offer participants the chance to snap shots of as many different kinds of fish as they can.

For more details and to register, contact clubsotasaigu@gmail.com.

28 April 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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