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Areas General Services Presidency Formentera Impulsa welcomes first entrepreneurs to coworking space

Formentera Impulsa welcomes first entrepreneurs to coworking space

foto 2023v impulsaYesterday Ana Juan, president and entrepreneurship councillor of the Consell de Formentera, signed an agreement to open the coworking room of the local support office for entrepreneurs, Formentera Impulsa, to its first users. The Espai Empresarial will serve as a temporary space for entrepreneurs and new or recent small businesses.

President Juan said that Formentera Impulsa was making the Espai Empresarial available to local entrepreneurs and described it as "a tool to help them develop their activity, boost capacity building and create a space to share experiences and synergies with others". Juan pointed out that the objective of this initiative is "to support people lacking a space to start administrative work and all those who need training, guidance and advice when creating their own company". To that end, she encouraged the Espai Empresarial's first two users, Marcelo Guisado Saceda and Mariam Ben Hamza Shaim Abja, "to take advantage of all the resources that Formentera Impulsa offers entrepreneurs".

Training room
Formentera Impulsa has two training centres that are managed by the Office of Local Development. English classes at the A1 level are currently being held as part of a push by the Employment Office of the Balearic Islands (SOIB) to support territorial projects for vulnerable communities from 2021 to 2023. The ten students currently enrolled will be eligible to take a test through the British Council to obtain a certificate.

Located in the former offices of the social welfare department, in the Casal de Entitats, Formentera Impulsa has a workroom with six workstations, a meeting room, reception and waiting areas, toilets, parking and also a training room for the Office of Local Development, which can be used based on availability and where training for entrepreneurs will be given. Companies housed in the Espai Empresarial will have access to the following services: reception and access control, photocopier, computers, furniture, multipurpose room, fibre optic connection and air conditioning. The monthly cost for a desk at the Espai Empresarial is €60.

Formentera Impulsa also has a website, www.formenteraimpulsa.cat, where the public can consult the complete details and services offered.

11 May 2023
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