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Areas General Services Presidency Eight Formentera businesses join Bons Illes Balears programme

Eight Formentera businesses join Bons Illes Balears programme

foto 2023iii bons illes balearsToday Ana Juan, president and commerce councillor of the Consell de Formentera; the chief of the General Directorate of Commerce (DGC) of the Balearic Islands, and representatives of eight local stores, presented Bons Illes Balears.

President Juan highlighted "the involvement of local businesses to participate in this programme that seeks to be a boost for the island's commercial sector, mainly for smaller businesses, and for local customers". She added, "Formentera's stores are essential to our economy and our society, and these initiatives will serve before the start of the tourist season".

The DGC chief said that the campaign would mean half a million euros in vouchers in the Balearics. A total of 830 businesses from Mallorca, 115 from Menorca, 54 from Eivissa and 8 from Formentera have applied for membership.

The programme, now in its third year, operates like previous campaigns. Balearic residents over 16 years old will receive up to four €15 vouchers that can be used at participating establishments for purchases over €30 and per-person totals of up to €60. Vouchers can be used together in a single purchase, in a single store, or they can be used separately in different stores. Moreover, they must be used in store and may not be used for online purchases. Vouchers will be redeemable from 21 March to 15 April. For more information, visit wwwbonsillesbalears.com.

The eight Formentera businesses offering the vouchers are Coral Vermell, Estils Moda, Instalaciones Jodar, Modas Ferrer, Nomads, Nuëet, Te doy la luna, Tuyyo Formentera.

17 March 2023
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