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Areas General Services Presidency Newly formed waste commission to set projects to get funding under rubbish tax

Newly formed waste commission to set projects to get funding under rubbish tax

foto 2022xi comissio residus AAna Juan, Bartomeu Escandell and Antoni Tur (respectively, the president, finance councillor and environment councillor of the Consell de Formentera), together with Miquel Mir and Sebastià Sansó, minister of environment and director general of waste and environmental education for the Balearic government, took part in the formation of Formentera's Island Waste Commission (Comissió insular de residus, CIR).

At the meeting, attendees set terms for the distribution of the Waste Prevention and Management Fund for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. These resources draw on funding from Formentera's waste tax, or cànon de residus, and are estimated to be as high as €119,808.71. The money must be used to advance prevention, preparation for reuse and recycling (particularly organic refuse) and educational campaigns.

President Ana Juan explained that "this tax will return to Formentera as investments". Attendees of the gathering said they would continue working together to determine where the tax money will go, and described projects as including improvements to waste management and recycling systems and more.

Mir voiced his satisfaction about the region-wide launch of the waste commissions, which he called "a localised tool to ensure each island benefits from investments to cut waste and manage it better to achieve the objectives in the Refuse Act (Llei de residus)".

Funding levels will depend on the implementation of rubbish and recycling pick-up schemes in each municipality, with plans for this funding to gradually shrink as pay-as-you-throw and organic waste sorting become fully incorporated. The aim is fulfilment of the objectives of regional legislation on waste and contaminated soils (Law 8/2019) as well as regulations at state and European level. Once these objectives are achieved, the tax will be marginal.

3 November 2022
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