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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing & Hunting Presenting 'De Formentera amb molt de gust' campaign to promote local products

Presenting 'De Formentera amb molt de gust' campaign to promote local products

cartell 2022 molt de gust LAUNCH

The Formentera Office of Rural Affairs has launched "De Formentera amb molt de gust", a campaign to elevate and encourage the sale of local products. "The aim is to showcase and celebrate goods from Formentera's fields, sea and livestock farms, as well as other items which are processed on the island like xeixa flour, sobrassada sausage and wine", explained Ana Juan, president and councillor of commerce.

Added Josep Marí, councillor of rural affairs, "To increase the campaign's visibility and ensure that residents and visitors can identify and appreciate locally sourced products, the campaign slogan has been paired with illustrations of various local products and an attractive design to highlight the locations of growers and retailers".

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Alejandra Ferrer, vice president and councillor of tourism, pointed out that the Formentera Office of Tourism (Conselleria de Turisme, CTF) has reissued and updated the Formentera Slow Food map, which highlights where local products are made and sold.

Catalan, Spanish and English versions of the map available at www.conselldeformentera.cat and the CTF website "so that residents and visitors know where to find made-on-Formentera items".

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This campaign will be publicised on Consell de Formentera notice boards and at tourist information points. Retailers will additionally distribute raffia bags and cardboard boxes emblazoned with De Formentera amb molt de gust. (The slogan translates as both "From Formentera with loads of flavour" and "From Formentera with pleasure".) A total of 2,000 large 10-kg boxes (48cm x 32cm x 18cm), 4,000 smaller 5-kg boxes (39cm x 29cm x 14cm) and 3,000 raffia bags have been prepared. The Balearic Division of Food Sovereignty Policies has collaborated with the campaign to the tune of €5,000.

12 August 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera