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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage At 2022 Festes de Sant Jaume, late-night concerts mark return of dancing fun to Diada

At 2022 Festes de Sant Jaume, late-night concerts mark return of dancing fun to Diada

The Formentera Office of Culture is pleased to report that late-night concerts will return to the Festes de Sant Jaume this Saturday and Sunday (24 and 25 July). Susana Labrador, councillor of culture, invited the entire island to enjoy these concerts programmed to mark the Diada de Formentera, which, "after two years of pandemic constraints, will be like the ones before COVID-19: to be enjoyed and danced to".

The first night of concerts happens Sunday 24 July with performances from Mishima, Pupil-les and Axel Pi Sidonie DJ set. The second instalment comes Monday 25 July, with performing groups Mucho and Els Pets. Performances start at 10.30pm in Plaça de la Constitució (Sant Francesc).

Sunday 24 July
Mishima. One pandemic and many concerts later, Mishima present Formentera audiences with their latest album. Recorded at Black Box, Peter Deimel's sanctuary in Angers (France), L'aigua clara (TRIS, 2022) doesn't just insist on a commitment to sonic forcefulness and literary depth, it sublimates it. Five years after Ara i res (2017), David Carabén (vocals and guitar), Marc Lloret (keyboards), Dani Vega (guitar), Xavi Caparrós (bass) and Alfons Serra (drums) come into full bloom on their ninth studio album (or tenth counting 2019's live release Ara i aquí). Maturity was just that, and they're back on Formentera to share their latest efforts and get us dancing.

Pupil·les. Two singers and DJ Rule founded Pupil-les as a trio in Valencia in 2014. Three years later, it was their second release, Les Silenciades, that cemented Pupil·les's place as one of the most interesting groups on the new Catalan music scene. Since then, the band's trademark has been the elaborate and well-finished beats and festive and political lyrics imbued with feminist messages. For International Women's Day, 8 March 2021, they released Gambito de dama. Pupil·les have also collaborated with bands like Boikot and Txarango. In February of this year, their album Tot i res signalled an evolution from rap to pop and left us with more danceable rhythms which they will present on Formentera with all their energy.

Axel Pi Sidonie DJ set. Axel Pi, drummer of the acclaimed band Sidonie, is back on Formentera to get as dancing as he spins records from the sixties to present day.

Monday 25 July
Martí Perarnau IV formed Mucho after the breakup of Sunday Drivers in 2010. Musically, lyrically and in Perarnau's singing, the group have finessed a surprising evolution from their textbook pop-rock beginnings to the present. Perarnau is at once speaker and biting lyricist, with phrasing that is absolutely unique and unmistakeable. Perarnau's immensely personal sound and unending quest for innovation mean the multi-instrumentalist is sought by the hottest names on the scene, though this does not prevent him from maintaining an active musical career and continuing to compose songs of his own. In 2018, left holding the reins of Mucho, Perarnau dropped Aquí et quedes, Perarnau, followed by ¿Hay alguien en casa? a year later, both of which were very well received by critics.

The legendary Catalan outfit Els Pets are the jewel in the crown of this year's Sant Jaume celebrations. The band will share with Formentera crowds the most adult, honest and rabidly pop album of their career. It's the return of Els Pets, and it hits like a fist on the table. 1963 is rapturous, sweet and unabashed, sober and meticulous, brimming with catchy melodies that envelop stories with soul. It is an honest bet on the little things requiring an unhurried approach and proper nutrition. 1963 is also an important date that defines the album's content: for the three members of the group, it is year zero, the starting point of the genre they have been practising since day one, an octopus of guitars with catchy melodies like café caramel sweets.

This new album, the 13th of their career, is adult optimism, short and direct songs with no filler, an extra dose of vitality, lyrics that reclaim the ironic and incredulous edge of previous efforts, and Els Pets' signature sensitive eye for detail.

19 July 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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