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Areas Social action Equality policies Workshops, lectures, gymkhana, music and cinema to celebrate Pride Day on Formentera

Workshops, lectures, gymkhana, music and cinema to celebrate Pride Day on Formentera

On Tuesday 28 June, Formentera will celebrate International LGBTIQA+ Pride Day under the slogan "Proud to fight for equality". The Formentera Office of Equality has prepared a series of activities which, according to Ana Juan, president of the Consell and councillor of equality, "are designed to raise awareness, give islanders a voice and highlight the rights and realities of the local community". President Juan hoped that residents "enjoy these activities", some of which "will serve to train municipal employees and elected officials under Formentera's Equality Plan in development since last year".

Family gymkhana

The activities will begin 28 June at 5.00pm in Sant Francesc square, with a gymkhana led by ALAS. Contact igualtat@conselldeformentera.cat to sign up or ask questions.

Cinema a la fresca

As part of Cinema a la fresca, Céline Sciamma's Portrait of a Woman on Fire (France, 2019) will be shown Tuesday at 10.00pm in Jardí de ses Eres.

La Mare concert

Wednesday 29 June at 10.00pm, La Mare, a singer-songwriter from Cadiz, while present her third album "Mi raíz" to the crowd at Plaça de la Constitució in Sant Francesc. The album is buttressed by love for the sea. In it, the artist sings of her roots with tenderness, humour and perfect harmony, and imbues each song with themes and metaphors that are redolent of the sea.

Working session open to the public

Thursday 30 June at 5.00pm, the day centre auditorium will be the sight of a working session concerning the Plan for Sexual Diversity and Gender Plan that is open to the public. Work on the first local Plan for Sexual and Gender Diversity is already under way, and it is hoped that this technical encounter will produce a report on fostering equality and combating discrimination of the local LGBTI community. Islanders are therefore invited to participate in a session that will help to shape a realistic plan for Formentera.

Is beyond-binary sport possible?

Sunday 3 July 3 at 8.00pm, Teo Valls, climber, trans activist and gestalt and shiatsu therapist, will guide the open talk 'Is beyond-binary sport possible?' in Es Roco, Sant Francesc. Attendees will discuss gender identity segregation in sport and reflect on possible futures beyond gender binarism, ways to inhabit the world of sport, how our desires and identities are shaped and how they affect our day to day life in climbing. Tuesday 5 July at 7.00pm, the audience at the Sala d'Actes can see "From Berta to Teo: Historia de un tráfico" and take part in a subsequent discussion with Valls, the film's protagonist and screenwriter. Email igualdad@conselldeformentera.cat to register or make a query.

Actions within the Equality Plan

Alongside open events are internal activities intended for Consell de Formentera personnel, like sexual and gender diversity training for staff of the summer school (Escola d'Estiu), working sessions on Tuesday 28 June where elected officials will take up the Plan for Sexual and Gender Diversity, and a working group for technical staff from various departments of the Consell on Friday 29 June.

Also, a display at Marià Villangomez Library in Sant Francesc will highlight newly acquired books on LGTBIQ+ themes.

17 June 2022
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