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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Lecture and presentation of Aprendre, by author Eduard Vallory

Lecture and presentation of Aprendre, by author Eduard Vallory

The Formentera Office of Culture is pleased to report that at 7.30pm next Friday 17 June, the Teachers' Resource Centre [Centre de Professorat, CEP] of Formentera and the Marià Villangómez Library have scheduled a presentation of Aprendre, a book by author Eduard Vallory, in the plenary hall of the Consell (next to the Centre de Dia). The presentation will be given by the author and will include a lecture.

Vallory is a social analyst and change manager who was once nearly a school dropout. His involvement with Scouting and associations helped him develop his abilities, and he completed three university degrees in Philosophy, Journalism and Social and Political Sciences. He has lived in Barcelona, Chicago, Cambridge and New York, and held professional leadership responsibilities in government, academia, research and education. In education, he promoted the Escola Nova 21 alliance for an advanced educational system. He chairs Catesco (formerly Unescocat) and works to drive educational change at Pompeu Fabra University.

In his work, Vallory analyses a transmissive educational system that bureaucracy has made resistant to change and left locked in inertia. "For decades, educational systems have been talking about integrated development, but they continue to focus on rote and representational learning and do not provide tools to develop competencies for life", Vallory points out.

In Aprendre, the author shares his personal experiences, learning, education and reflects on death, sexuality, identity, happiness, compassion and love. Vallory showcases testimonies from courageous educators who have fought for change. He explains, "This is an honest book that invites readers to reflect on the values that education should have and that are, essentially, the values of humanity".

8 June 2022
Office of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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