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Formentera qualifies a new master artisan and 5 new artisans

foto 2022 cartes artesanalsToday Ana Juan, President and Councillor of Commerce of the Consell de Formentera, and Alejandra Ferrer, Vice President, delivered six cartes d'artesania, or artisan cards, to islanders who successfully completed qualifying exams in October. Recipients include Hernán Gustavo Fernández, Master Artisan Jeweller; Yessica Camacho, Toys and Games Artisan; Maria Isabel Escandell, Costume Jewellery Artisan; Estefanía Hernández, Artisan Object Decorator; Beatriz Rivero, Artisan Jeweller, and Juan Zarco, Artisan Object Decorator.

President Juan congratulated the newly accredited craftworkers on their "efforts to train and grow in this trade, which speaks to the enthusiasm out there for crafts and wares made often by hand on Formentera". Juan noted that this year's exam was the first since 2017 and that it is the Consell's plan to continue giving local artisans the chance to attain accreditation. "Artisan markets are not only immensely valuable assets for tourism, but there is something distinctly Formentera about this modest industry; we need to take care of and promote it".

To receive their diploma, the individuals were evaluated by a panel of craftwork specialists of the Consell and master craftsmen and women. Examinees demonstrated production in their workshops to panel members, who asked practical questions about technique and process. Depending on whether they apply as artisans or master artisans, individuals must also show familiarity with basic notions of the craft, tools, equipment, the origin of the materials used, the process of preparation, handling, processing and finishing, as well as, among other subjects, safety and hygiene.

Today on Formentera there are 68 cardholding artisans, 11 master artisans and four honorary master artisans.

10 May 2022
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