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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Environment Moorage rules at Estany des Peix prioritise small, traditional boats and lay out assorted discounts

Moorage rules at Estany des Peix prioritise small, traditional boats and lay out assorted discounts

Today the government commission of the Consell de Formentera agreed to table moorage rules and the legal scheme for mooring fixtures at Estany des Peix when local decision-makers convene in plenary tomorrow. According to Antoni Tur, Councillor of Environment, the rules prioritise "watercraft used for traditional purposes, small boats, craft with reduced engine power and other factors like years of established anchorage". Other provisions include discounts for traditional boats, retirees and large families.

Next week the Consell will hold a public information session next to explain the rules and field related questions. Interested parties can also contact the Formentera Office of Environment by calling 971.32.12.10 or emailing mediambient@conselldeformentera.cat.

Assignment criteria

Priority for mooring spaces will be given to vessels moored at Estany des Peix prior to the 5 July 2002 entry in force of the Natural Resource Planning Strategy (Pla d'Ordenacio de Recursos Naturals). Vessels must also meet certain terms, such as not exceed 10 metres in length, and their intended and actual use must not violate rules at Ses Salines Nature Reserve. Vessels must either be used for not-for-profit sport or non-professional fishing or belong to a public entity.

Scoring criteria

When other baseline requirements are met, a scoring table will be used to determine ranking between traditional watercraft, vessels with reduced engine power and cleaner propulsion, small vessels and boats made with sustainable materials. Higher scores will be given to individuals who can accredit experience at Estany des Peix, and the address used to register will also be considered.

Fees and discounts

Rules lay out estimated public prices based on boat length. Monthly fees for small- and medium-size boats, which constitute the vast majority, range from €50 to €135. Assorted discounts have also been established, like for retirees (-40%); large families (-30%); traditional vessels (-15%) and zero-emission boats (-25%). Discounts may be cumulative.

Application submissions and deadline

Applications must be received within 30 working days from the day initial approval of the regulations was published in the BOIB. After the deadline, the Consell will have three months to evaluate and rank applications and publish a provisional list on the bulletin board. This list will also include proposed mooring spaces for each vessel.

In January crews began work to regulate mooring at Estany des Peix, including with 78 mooring spots on floating pontoons and 207 anchorage points on low-impact buoys. The €1,025,616 project has received €652,154 in financing through the Sustainable Tourism Tax (Impost de Turisme Sostenible, ITS). Work is scheduled to last four months.

Councillor Tur traced what he cast as a "pioneering" project to "the need to recover a protected area in Ses Salines that is environmentally threatened by uncontrolled anchoring, especially in summer". "These rules are an attempt to preserve Estany des Peix and use moorings which are in line with the rules at Ses Salines reserve and with time-honoured and traditional lake activities."

24 February 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera


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