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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage The second instalment of L'Illa a Escena 2022: "Aión"

The second instalment of L'Illa a Escena 2022: "Aión"

The Formentera Office of Culture is pleased to report that Formentera will soon welcome the second act of L'Illa a Escena 2022: Aión. This dance piece from Fils Roulants will be performed at 8.30pm next Saturday 12 January in the Sala de Cultura (Cinema).

The play was created and directed by Valeria Del Vecchio, who shares the stage with Pablo Arias. The performance is anchored by movement and is backed by an original soundtrack by Diego León Arias.

Aión represents a place outside of time where there is a multitude of possibilities, experimentations, games, fluctuations. It is a kind of open window on the origin of all things.

Citing a fragment from author Lorenzo Alessandro Pepe served as a source of inspiration in the play's creation, Del Vecchio explains the setting: "Before kronos (time) dragged the universe into a free fall towards the end of all things, when the gods, still children, played in Aión their cruel games - games of life and death, love and hate, attraction and repulsion, innocent and merciless games that experience all the possibilities of the real, interpolating every possible permutation in infinite combinations".

In 2017 Del Vecchio and Arias began collaborating on local improvisational performances of live music and movement, as well as assorted intensive courses. From these experiences grew the idea of creating a new project together: a piece that can be tailored to distinct places and spaces. In 2021 a version of Aión premiered at Eivissa's Territori Festival.

Del Vecchio has lived on Formentera since 2009. Her schooling in ballet and dedication as a contemporary dance teacher began in Del Vecchio's native Italy. There she worked in the dance and theatre company Moto Mimètic. She has since created several dance works and performed movement pieces like Perdius i Paries. The interest and passion for the body and movement have led Del Vecchio to develop her own method based on a technique known as Body Weather. She currently teaches regular classes and intensive courses.

Pablo Arias' assorted projects in dance, corporal expression, performance and musical composition date back to 2016. He is a singer, musician, composer in the collective Negritos, of which he is also the co-founder. He has also performed with the collective on various stages in Europe and Latin America, and collaborated with musicians as varied as Manu Chao and Alice Cooper. He currently collaborates with the Nius project for the aesthetic stimulation of children from zero to eighteen months old.

Admission and tickets

Tickets are available from tomorrow, Friday 4 February, at www.entradesformentera.cat for €7. A 50% discount applies for unemployed people, under-employed freelancers, retirees, under-25s, and single-parent and large families.

Health and safety protocol and current regulations will be enforced at all times.

3 February 2022
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