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Areas Social action Sports More than 1,200 island schoolchildren take part in 'Sport makes us equal'

More than 1,200 island schoolchildren take part in 'Sport makes us equal'

foto 2021 valors esportToday Ana Juan, President and Councillor of Equality of the Consell de Formentera, and Paula Ferrer, Councillor of Sport, presented the campaign 'Sport makes us equal', part of the local initiative Posam Valors a l'Esport. Pupils in primary and secondary school will be the first to take part in the training programme, in which more than 1,200 local schoolchildren have already participated.

"The programme approaches equality from the angle of sports and education, an extremely appropriate way to spread the message and shape a future society that is more egalitarian across the board", said President Juan in the presentation. The island's top official highlighted the collaboration of the Formentera Office of Equality (Conselleria d'Igualtat), which will be in charge of an array of associated workshops, and applauded the Formentera Office of Sport (Conselleria d'Esports) "for their work spotlighting the values of sport".

The underlying goal of the programme is to discuss equality and other considerations like conflict resolution, frustration and motivation through the prism of sport. The training programme is designed to be practical and participative.

"In high demand among schoolchildren"

Councillor Ferrer said the programme, which launched in October, has been the subject of "intense demand on the part of primary schools and Marc Ferrer High School, who have requested workshops on equality and dealing with frustration and conflict resolution". Ferrer said some fifty workshops have taken place to date while others are in the works for the semester ahead. "Our job is to promote sport and we believe these actions help us do just that". Plans are also in place for workshops geared toward sport clubs, players, coaches and parents.

Audiovisual material

The CE has prepared audiovisual material to help broaden the programme's reach, including an initial video produced by Alfredo Montero and featuring young athletes from the island. Posters have also been made and, together with the video, they will be distributed across social media and other channels. Posam Valors a l'Esport has received €12,000 from the Balearic Directorate General of Sport.

24 November 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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