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Formentera activates awareness push to protect local livestock

The Formentera Office of Rural Environment has published an informational poster to remind animal owners that, as a safety measure for both pets and livestock, unaccompanied dogs must remain on their owner's property at all times.

To keep pets from running away or getting lost or run over, and to ensure the safety of livestock, islanders with dogs are reminded that these animals may not leave the house alone and must be on a lead whilst in public spaces. Islanders who see dogs off leash or without an owner are encouraged to phone the pound at 630.083.128. Featured on the posters is a watercolour painting by artist Fran Lucas where a leashed dog can be seen walking with its owner while nearby sheep stand in the shade of a fig tree.

Posters will go up in the island's main display cases, veterinary clinics and rural areas. So far this year the Consell de Formentera has received three complaints of dog attacks on island livestock: two in Sant Francesc (La Miranda/Cala Saona and Porto-Salè) and one in La Mola. A total of seven sheep were killed and two were injured. In addition, in recent weeks some livestock owners have reported seeing off-leash dogs on their farms.

Councillor of Rural Affairs Josep Marí insisted that, for the island's livestock farmers, the damage is incalculable, as the loss of animals is compounded by the distress of knowing one's property has been trespassed upon and one's livestock has been harmed. Marí underscored the important role of livestock owners, insisting the small farmers "preserve the island's traditions and landscape".

Municipal ordinance

The local ordinance on pets bans "unaccompanied and off-leash dogs from public areas" and indicates that "owners of dogs whose temperament so requires must fit their pets with a muzzle". The ban also includes information on legislation concerning potentially dangerous dogs, defining the term as "markedly aggressive canines and those having attacked people or other animals".

9 November 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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