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Areas Social action Equality policies Special negotiating body tapped to draft administration’s internal equality plan

Special negotiating body tapped to draft administration’s internal equality plan

The Formentera Department of Equality is pleased to announce that earlier today a special negotiating committee was tasked with drafting a plan to incorporate equality into the Consell’s organisational framework and foment employee training and awareness to integrate the gender perspective into municipal operations, plans and policies.

The commission will convene on three occasions and be formed by Councillor Vanessa Parellada and staffer Sofia Vergara from the FDE (the plan’s backing entity) as well as Councillor Paula Ferrer and staffer Vicent Ribas from the local administration’s human resources division, which will also play a key role in creation of the plan. Spokespeople from trade union groups will also be present to represent staff.

Stocktaking and action plan
The second gathering will feature a review of the current situation and the reality of gender equality within the Consell today. “This will give us a sense of our most pressing needs, which will help us identify priorities and measures to bake into the document”, asserted Councillor Parellada.

On the agenda as commission members convene for their third meeting will be presentation of the plan itself, which, as Parellada pointed out, will seek to “ensure compliance with the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination”. “The better our initial diagnosis, the better our shot at real equality in local government”, concluded Parellada.

Plans to draft the Internal Plan for Equality were first included Formentera’s 2019-2022 Equality Plan, as well as Balearic legislation on equality, and will be piloted by the consultancy group Coop4equality Projects for Social Innovation.

8 June 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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