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Winners of 14th Christmas Window Dressing Contest get prizes

foto 2020 concurs aparadorisme 3The Consell de Formentera and Chamber of Commerce handed out prizes today to winners of the 14th Christmas Window Dressing Contest. Launched in a bid to foment and encourage the Christmas spirit at hometown businesses, this year’s competition logged a record-breaking twenty participants.

After touring window displays, the panel of judges —OCB’s Savina Majoral, painter Álvaro Mendoza and Amalia Mora and José Manuel Alcaraz of the Formentera Commerce Department— saluted the originality, creativity and imagination on display at the following businesses:

1. Pinturas Cabezuelo, Sant Ferran.
2. Sol Courrèges Boné, La Savina.
3. Be Formentera, Sant Francesc.

This year, judges praised the window dressings at two additional businesses —Pescadería Nuestra Señora del Carmen and Floristeria Formentera— “for creativity and outstanding craftsmanship”.

Deputy premiere and commerce councillor Ana Juan applauded the winners and everyone who participated for “sprucing up window displays and proving that, when the going gets tough, local shops stay lively and dynamic”. Juan said the Consell would continue working with business groups on the island to build capacities and strengthen a unique identity.

Simplicity —a single Christmas tree consisting of a ladder and paint cans— was the name of the game with the display at Pinturas Cabezuelo, a paint store with nearly a quarter century of history serving Sant Ferran. Sol Courrèges Boné repurposed materials for her original window decoration, while Be Formentera’s Christmas display is personalised with products from the shop’s own inventory.

Prizes were delivered to the retailers by Councillor Juan and Lina Tur, of the Chamber of Commerce. Winners took home commemorative plaques and cash prizes of €225 (first place), €150 (second) and €75 (third).

11 December 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera



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