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Nurseries EI Sant Ferran

EI Sant Ferran

Educational model

Escoleta des Camí Vell is a non-religious, democratic, apolitical, pluralistic and integrative nursery. Our teamwork-centred approach is based in respect and tolerance for people, and for the physical space—the escoleta—that we share every day.

The nursery’s indoor and outdoor spaces are prepared with educational intentionality. Whether the focus is on the physical, intellectual, affective or social, children can engage in optimal development in an environment that is safe, welcoming, warm and jovial.

We strive for values-based learning, rejecting discrimination in all forms and aspiring to equality and respect for the rights of the child. That’s why we work to make gender parity natural, normal and standard practice. In tune with the principles of equal rights and equal-opportunity education, children at Escoleta des Camí Vell are educated equally in a coeducational setting.

Information at our school is conveyed in Catalan—the centre’s lingua franca. We strive for bidirectional communication between family and school, allowing for close collaboration around child development.

Teaching methods are tuned to helping children forge their own identity and form a positive and balanced self-image. Emphasis also goes on cultivating personal autonomy, emotional and social bonds, control over movement and the body and communicational tools, not to mention a taste for exploring, discovering and building.

Driving educational content are globalised activities made to be interesting and meaningful. They emerge from normal, everyday situations in the classroom and in our immediate surroundings. Such moments give children the chance to draw from their own lessons and experiences, and act to complement growth and varying paces and styles of learning.

To promote self-esteem and social integration, teaching methods grounded in emotional bonds, shared interests, experiences, activities and play are used in an atmosphere of care, trust and safety. Children are likewise encouraged to discover the physical and social characteristics of their surroundings.

The crucial role of Camí Vell’s families

For the escoleta to be successful and for educators to be coherent in their work, collaboration needs to come from the entire educational community. Families’ involvement is especially crucial; they, together with children, are the school’s backbone.

Children spend a great deal of their time at school, where there is a shared sense of responsibility for daily activities. It follows, then, that in our job as educators, efforts to strengthen and enrich the link between family and school are vital. Stress also must be placed on communication that is constant, positive and enriching.

Families’ experiences as they take part in school affairs must, from the very start, be positive. Open doors should greet them so they feel appreciated, comfortable, respected and encouraged to participate in anything pertinent to their children’s growth and learning.

To promote relationships between family and school, Escoleta des Camí Vell organises the following activities during the school year:

  • End-of-the-year party: to celebrate the end of another year, teaching staff organise workshops where parents can spend the day with their children.
  • Family workshops: over the school year, families are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom and join in activities.
  • End-of-the-year outing: in May/June, teachers organise a trip where families are welcome to participate. In recent years, children in infant groups visit the swimming pool while other groups take a trip to the beach.
  • Graduation: on the last day in August, the school invites families to the schoolyard to bid farewell to soon-to-be primary pupils.

Facilities and spaces

Located near the football pitch in Sant Francesc, Escoleta des Camí Vell occupies a public building intended exclusively for children aged 1 to 3.

There is one main entrance and a large car park nearby. The building is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Camí Vell offers the following spaces:

  • Classroom for 2- to 3-year-olds with a bathing area suitable for children and a play area.
  • Classroom for 1- to 2-year-olds with a separate resting area accessible by sliding door.
  • Multipurpose room split into a psychomotricity space and children’s canteen.
  • Administration office.
  • Patio space shared by two classrooms.
  • All areas of Camí Vell are equipped with centralised air-conditioning, doors that open to the exterior and proper ventilation.