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January and February palm tree pruning months

foto tractament becutThe Formentera Council's agriculture department reminds islanders ofthe restrictions placed on pruning plant species that are susceptible to the red palm weevil, namely, palm trees. Residents are asked to limit their pruning to January and February, given these have been the coolest months in recent years.

Authorisation from agriculture office
To prune palm trees, individuals must always have the prior permission of the CiF agriculture office, the goal being to protect pruned trees from infestation and to ensure proper disposal of the garden waste generated in the process. With the green-light of the agriculture office, individuals are allowed to take waste to the local transfer plant, free of charge.

With plants that are susceptible to weevil infestation a series of precautions should be followed: prune only dry leaves; when green leaf pruning is absolutely necessary, cuts should be kept to a minimum and a scarring solution or other plant protection treatment should be applied; cuts should be clean and trunks should not be pared; and, lastly, “close shave” techniques should be avoided when pruning is ornamental (such pruning should only be applied when necessary and followed with a plant protection treatment immediately after). If any weevils are detected during pruning, contact the Council's Office of Agriculture so that the necessary steps can be followed.

Rhynchophorus ferrugineus —the insect also known as the red palm weevil which has devastated palm trees— reduces and even halts its activity altogether at low temperatures. Law 4/2016 of January 29, which establishes the need for efforts within the Balearic region to eradicate the insect and restricts palm tree pruning to the chilliest months.