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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Infrastructures and services Plans to instal pavements on both sides of Sant Francesc thoroughfare

Plans to instal pavements on both sides of Sant Francesc thoroughfare

Foto actual del carrer de sant joanNext week the Formentera Council's Office of Infrastructure and Mobility will oversee upgrades on carrer de Sant Joan in Sant Francesc. The work, expected to last one week, will equip the local arterial with pavements to accommodate pedestrian traffic.

Crews will instal a mounted pavement on the east side of the road, which will ultimately connect avinguda Porto-salè and carrer d'Isidor Macabich. Infrastructure and mobility secretary Rafael González says the challenge is to “improve pedestrian safety on a road that currently lacks pavements”.

The new pavement means that vehicle traffic along carrer de Sant Joan, currently a two-way street, will become exclusively north to south. Motorists can access carrer Sant Joan from avinguda Vuit d'Agost; to exit it they must use carrer d'Isidor Macabich. The flow of traffic on nearby arterials will not be affected.

The upgrades followed requests from locals and a related deal struck in a plenary assembly of the Formentera Council.

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