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Areas Social action Culture and Historical Heritage Council's culture department gets backing from Fundació Baleària

Council's culture department gets backing from Fundació Baleària

RP acord Balearia CulturaThis morning in press conference, Susana Labrador, culture councillor of the Formentera Council, gave details regarding the administration's budding partnership with Fundació Baleària — an alliance she said would soon materialise as a collaborative accord that will free up funding for cultural programming. Also present at the event were Fundació Baleària's managing director Ricard Pérez Ivars, Baleària's Pitiüsa delegate Joan Serra and the staff specialist of the Formentera Council office of culture, Verònica Arenas.

Pérez described the Fundació's goal as «creating platforms where culture can be exchanged between people in the different areas Baleària travels». He evoked marketplaces of the past, saying the transport company «wants to create points of cultural exchange». Councillor Labrador spoke of a desire for an increase in the cultural acts coming to the island — and of her hope Formentera's own cultural exports can increase as well. For start of 2016, she said, the CiF office of culture is in the midst of putting together a presentation of children's theatre in addition to the standard programme of stage productions and concerts. But she spoke of the office's work to bring a wider variety of acts – like dance shows – to local audiences.

Business partnerships
The councillor said it was important that business got involved too, asserting local trades could «help bring diverse and quality acts to Formentera, and at the same time promote Formentera's own cultural exports outside the island».

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