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Formentera takes its act to Holland

promocio holandaThe Formentera Council and the Patronat de Turisme, the island's advisory board on issues of tourism, has taken promotion of the smaller of the Pitiüsa islands to the Netherlands. Today through next Saturday, the tourist-baiting charms of Formentera will be on display at the 23rd annual “50 Plus” trade show in Utrecht, Holland. Carlos Bernús, head of the Patronat, explained the changes from Formentera's promotional stand at the fair: “Given the growing number of Dutch who visit Formentera, now more than ever the Holland market is becoming one for us to watch”.

According to Bernús, the Netherlands is just the kind of market that Formentera is looking to attract, and our promotional record there proves it. Formentera's presence at 50 Plus —this year will be the island's second— is backed by an average of four promotional events carried out per year in that country. “What's more,” Bernús pointed out, “since last year we've contracted an Amsterdam-based media firm. It works in basically the same way a press office would, the goal being to turn more Dutch people on to Formentera”. In May and accompanied by that same media representation, Formentera reps participated in a trip where attendees included magazines like Marie Claire and other top-shelf specialty magazines with juggernaut spending power. The goal of such promotional measures —in Bernús' words, “low-cost but high-return”— is “to bolster the arrival of quality tourism at both the start and end of the summer season”.


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