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Extra surveillance, drop-off points for rubbish collection in Sant Francesc

neteja3Starting at eight in the evening, next Thursday 9 July, tradesmen and shop clerks in Sant Francesc will be asked to drop off their cardboard waste at one of four points across the town to this effect. “At es Jardí de ses Eres there will be a special metal cage and at different streets across town – carrer Santa Maria (start of the pedestrian walkway), carrer Isidor Macabich (next to the tobacconist) and carrer Jaume I (start of the pedestrian walkway) – collection points will be installed so that local business owners can dispose of their cardboard in an orderly fashion,” such was the explanation given by environmental councillor Daisee Aguilera of the Formentera Council.

“In this way we can avoid overflow at the regular points of recycling collection which exist for use by the rest of the local population,” added the CiF councillor. Aguilera indicated that the move had been adopted “as a one-off measure in the high season months of summer” and that the decision had come “in response to requests made by Sant Francesc tradesmen on the occasion of a 29 April info-gathering session held by the office of the environment of the Formentera Council”.

Two new rubbish containers in la Savina

Alluding to a desire to “bolster waste collection at a local level”, the councillor of the environment also announced the recent installation of two new rubbish containers in the middle of the Marina promenade in la Savina. In this way, the Council office hopes to skirt issues of overflow and buildup around the containers, but Councillor Aguilera noted the problem also depended on “the awareness level among locals. Often times the containers aren't even full, or if they are there is another one less than 100 metres away that's totally empty”.

Fines of up to €3,000

Council maintenance services recently logged evidence of an infraction at the rubbish containers located in the Cala en Baster neighbourhood. “This morning staff found an extremely high volume of plastic and cardboard that should have been disposed of at the new rubbish tip,” explained Councillor Aguilera, who continued: “Council legal services initiated an inquiry into what would be a serious infraction if the moving company that appears to be implicated is found to be at cause”. Council staff found garden trimmings and construction waste as well, but according to the councillor, their source couldn't be confirmed.

'La deixalleria', or the rubbish tip, as it is called in Catalan, is the official drop-off point for any and all special waste objects, in addition to any objects that cannot be disposed of at street-level containers across the island.

The rubbish tip is located in the industrial park along the Sant Francesc-la Mola highway. It is open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and afternoons from Monday to Friday, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Council officials have indicated that fines due to infractions of the municipal waste collection code could be as high as €3,000.

Councillor Aguilera noted that the contract-holding company for waste collection on the island, Ferrovial Servicios, “has a door-to-door collection service that can be reached by phoning 900 102 656”.


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