Jaume Ferrer says 70% of Formentera patients still can't get CAT scans

foto TAC 1This morning Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer joined Patricia Gómez, the regional health secretary, on a tour of the new radiology facilities, including cutting-edge CT scan equipment, at Formentera hospital. Ferrer welcomed efforts from within the Govern and, in particular, the regional department of health, to enable suffering individuals and their families to obtain care on the island—“one reason it was so important to have CT scan equipment here on Formentera”, he said.

Despite the warm words, Ferrer asserted the time to celebrate was still some distance away. Only appointments that don't require a contrasting angle are being conducted. According to the president, that means “the patients that do need a contrasted viewpoint and could be benefitting from CAT scans—seventy per cent of the total—aren't able to do so”. “We need to continue working so they can take advantage of this service as soon as possible”, said Ferrer.