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Vehicle entry regulated from Monday May 13 at ses Salines nature reserve

peatge-control-entrada-illetes1The Formentera Council's mobility office reports that Monday, May 13, operators will begin regimenting vehicle access to the Parc Natural de ses Salines. Formentera residents can continue to park vehicles at the reserve all season long at no charge.

Non-residents, meanwhile, will be asked to pay €4 per car and €2 per mopeds. The price climbs to €5 and €3, respectively, between June 1 and July 15; and reaches its peak between July 16 and August 31 (€6 and €4). The amount will drop again in first half of September and once again from September 15-30 (€5/€3 and €4/€2, respectively).

Access is free for drivers with reduced mobility and those with electric vehicles as well as for walkers and cyclists. Drivers of hybrid vehicles are entitled to a 50% discount.

Controlled access to parking areas near Illetes beach will be in force until September 30. At car parks serving es Cavall d'en Borràs and Llevant beaches, attendants will be on duty from June 1 to September 15. The patrolled entry points will be open from 9.00am to 5.00pm in low season and 9.00am to 8.00pm in high season.

Prohibitions and vehicle restrictions
As part of an effort to foment sustainable forms of transport and safeguard the protected land, four-by-fours are expressly prohibited within the confines of the nature reserve. Plus, controlled access will be implemented for regular and discretional buses as a rush-hour traffic avoidance measure.

Oversized vehicles, such as lorries carrying products to nearby restaurants, are also restricted during peak visiting times.

May 10, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Formentera hosts training course for guides of search and rescue dogs

foto-grup-curs-cans1Formentera's civil protection office is hosting a course dedicated to the human guides of search and rescue dogs. With the help of five volunteer dogs, 11 individuals from Protecció Civil, Policia Local de Formentera, the firefighting brigade and the municipal animal pound are specialising in canine-assisted rescue.

Two professionals from Spain's canine rescue unit are on the island to give both theory-based and hands-on instruction. The training is designed to prepare participants to work with dogs to locate imperilled individuals as part of emergency search and rescue operations.

The €2,900 initiative is funded by the CiF president's office.

May 9, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Plastic-free Formentera

foto-conscienciacio---escoles1The Formentera Council's environment department is backing “Plàstics Fora” (No More Plastics), an educational programme that is piloted by the non-profit group Cleanwave and aimed at reducing people's consumption of single-use plastics.

Pupils in Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran took park in a series of eight workshops for children thanks to a €2,125 grant from the Council. Three privately-funded workshops were held in la Mola last November.

Workshop participants screen a video explaining the global problem of plastic and sit for a storytelling session exploring the subject. Children take a version of the story home with them to discuss the issue in family.

May 8, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Formentera welcomes 11th Mitjà Marató

foto-presentacio---mitja-marat1The Formentera Council's president and councillor of sport met today to unveil details about the island's eleventh half-marathon (Mitja Marató) and 8K run, both scheduled for Saturday May 11. Joining Jaume Ferrer and Jordi Vidal at the presentation was Manuel Hernández, the head of the organising firm Unisport Consulting, not to mention representatives of the event's biggest sponsors: CaixaBank (Maria Cruz, director) and Trasmapi (Nuria de la Torre, marketing chief).

All told 3,200 athletes are scheduled to compete—2,000 in the Mitjà Marató and another thousand in the 8K route. The starting shots of both fixtures will ring out at 5.30pm, though in different places: participants in the half-marathon start at la Mola lighthouse and—in what Manuel Hernández described as a safety measure—8K runners will take off from the es Ca Marí turn-off (outside Sant Ferran).

This year some six thousand completed early registration for the event. Hernández said the total number of participants was capped several years ago in a bid to make the fixture more enjoyable for runners and better adapted to the dimensions of the island.

Mitjà Marató turns eleven
The CiF first councillor described the eleven-year-old half-marathon as a well-established feature on the local calendar that “enables people to exercise and see everything the island has to offer: from la Mola's lighthouse to la Savina's”. Ferrer also underscored the Mitjà Marató's low-season tourist appeal.

Councillor Vidal thanked collaborators, organisers and sponsors, as well as security forces and volunteers at the event, to make the race possible. Vidal pointed out the importance of years of support in making the Mitjà Marató a nationally-recognised race. He also asked islanders for their patience ahead of the traffic interruptions expected.

Traffic interruptions
Starting at 4.45pm the main highway will be blocked along the following stretches: la Savina-es Pujols-Sant Ferran and Sant Ferran-la Mola. Segments will be progressively reopened as runners make headway, and normal traffic flow is expected to be fully re-established by 8.00pm.

The stretch of road connecting the town of el Pilar de la Mola and the nearby lighthouse will be closed to vehicle traffic from 3.00pm. Organisers say the highway should be reopened—and runners gone—by 5.45pm. Traffic on the road between la Savina, Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran will not be affected.

Trophies will be handed out at 7.00pm on passeig de la Marina in la Savina, near the finish line.

May 8, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

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