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Decision makers clinch regulatory toll to drive on Formentera

ple-consell-de-formentera prem1Members of the Formentera Council and opposition came together today for a special full-house assembly, a gathering marked by the announcement of definitive approval for a a fee drivers must pay if they wish to enter, circulate and park on public roads.

CiF mobility councillor Rafael González said he anticipated his department would begin validating reservation requests for July and August. Since formentera.eco went online April 15, three thousand three-hundred and sixty-six people have registered.

The one-off plenary also brought cross-party backing for the working codes for the registry of heritage declarations and registry of tasks appropriate to a range of public service positions on the Formentera Council. Also granted the go-ahead, this time despite PP abstention was the “Inventory of Assets and the Formentera Council's 2019 “Inventory of Assets and Rights” (Inventari de Béns i Drets).

Home for the aged
Assembly participants gave cross-party backing for the proposed amendment to a deal between the Govern balear and Formentera whereby the Palma administration agrees to foot the bill for 70% of the €2 million-plus assisted living residence while Formentera will be on the hook for the remaining 30%. Social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada pointed out that the associated construction project was moving along quickly and is hoped to be finished by next year.

May 23, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

“Dansa al carrer”—Saturday, Formentera celebrates day of dancing

did19-1-The education office of the Formentera Council reports that 12.30pm on Saturday May 25 marks the start of Dansa al carrer (“Dance in the street”), an event in Sant Francesc's plaça de la Constitució, organised by Casal de Joves, the CiF sports office and the Formentera music and dance school.

The annual encounter gives islanders and tourists a choice sampling of some of the best of what the local scene has to offer, presenting itself as a day to promote community and fraternity. This year, the dance goes mobile, and performers are scheduled to cut a path through the centre of Sant Francesc in an effort to shake things up.

A range of dance styles will be there: classical, contemporary, Spanish, Latina-salsa, Afro Brazil, capoeira and street dance. The Council encourages wide attendance at these free performances.

May 23, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Es Ca Marí gears up for fibre optic rollout

replantejament-ca-mari-- prems1The new technologies division of the Formentera Council reports that mapping efforts were started today ahead of installation of fibre optic connections in es Ca Marí. Crews will make use of existing underground conduits as they begin routing the cables along camí de can Simonet.

High-speed connections are already in place in es Caló and la Mola, where registration for the service takes place in June. The changes represent the most recent steps in Telefónica and Teleco's plan—backed by the Formentera Council—for local fibre optic rollout.

The process started back in 2017, and in April 2018 Sant Francesc became the first town on Formentera to be fitted for the service. Next came es Pujols and the island's industrial corridor. High-speed connections were also extended to areas near urban centres.

Residents of Sant Ferran and la Savina have been able to sign up for a fibre optic connection since December, along with, more recently, islanders living near the hospital.

Rollout continues
In an effort to expand the service to all of Formentera, similar efforts are in the works for ses Bardetes and a part of es Cap de Barbaria.

CiF new technologies councillor Rafael González says the idea is “to get fibre optic connections everywhere until now serviced by traditional copper phone lines”, and, in so doing, make good on a longstanding appeal of islanders: “Put Formentera in the lead in terms of telecom services.”

Islanders who wish to find out if a fibre optic connection can be installed in their home should telephone 1004.

March 22, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Justice of the Peace freshly equipped for videoconferences

The new technologies division of the Formentera Council wishes to call attention to the recent purchase that will allow for the local small claims court to offer remote videoconferencing so islanders can take part in legal proceedings from their home. A similar system had fallen into disrepair after nine years of service.

Funding for the new, €3,188 system was provided by the Formentera Council. In November the Justice of the Peace—or Jutjat de la Pau—moved into new offices, at carrer Pla de Rei (120).

May 22, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

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