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Hilario Serra’s display of historic Formentera coins débuts today in Ajuntament Vell gallery

expo-monedes1The patrimony office of the Consell de Formentera reports that at 7.00pm this evening, an exhibit of of historic Formentera coins known as “the Hilario Serra collection” will take up temporary residence in the Ajuntament Vell exhibition hall. The exceptional display encompasses an array of periods in Formentera's past, from the wave of coins issued from Eivissa (then known as “Ibosim púnica”) in Phoenician times between fourth and first century BCE, to contemporary mints of the western and central reaches of the Mediterranean and coinages issued under Alfonso III and in circulation in the early nineteenth century.

The more than 600-piece collection includes a wealth of Roman coins from the reigns of 48 emperors of the early and late Roman Empire as well as a selection of previously unknown Arab and medieval coins. The series opened the door to realisation of a targeted study in which specialists from each period will participate, including Benjamí Costa (Phoenician coins), Santiago Padrino (Roman coins), Félix Retamero (Arab coins) and Toni Ferrer Abárzuza (medieval, modern and contemporary).

Patrimony councillor Raquel Guasch called the collection “a little taste of what we'll have on hand at Formentera's future museum”.

A joint project of the Eivissa-Formentera Museum of Archaeology (MAEF) and the Consell de Formentera, the exhibit will be open to public visits until 11 October.

The subject will also be discussed at the opening session of this year's Jornades d'Estudis Locals Joan Marí Cardona, a lecture series that runs 7 to 11 October in the conference room of the island's dependent care facility (Centre de Dia). Titled “Coins without people?” (Monedes sense gent?), that session will be led by historian Félix Retamero Serralvo on 7 October.

30 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Putting a stop to gender violence

taller-estudiants1The social welfare department of the Consell de Formentera invited year four students at the island's high school, IES Marc Ferrer, to take part in a morning gathering aimed at preventing gender violence. The exercise in improv theatre was led by the ‘Teatre de xoc’ theatre troupe, and was conceived as a more direct, light-hearted and theatre-based approach to reinforcing coeducational and prevention-oriented efforts already under way at the school.

27 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Consell de Formentera green-lights wholesale elimination of single-use plastics in government buildings

foto ple oct 2019 2Members of the Consell de Formentera gathered today for the local government's full-house assembly for the month of September. The gathering brought approval for “plastic-free Consell de Formentera”, a pioneer measure set for implementation across government offices and buildings. Backed by the Consell's environment office, the proposal envisions giving staff and visitors of government buildings the means to stop using single-use plastics.

Environment chief Antonio J Sanz said government buildings would be equipped with some twenty water fountains and government employees and visitors would be provided bottles, like those seen at today's assembly. Sanz pointed out that legislation in Europe, Spain and the Balearics would be on the government's side as Formentera took what he called “a path-treading step forward”. “That means getting the buy-in of islanders as well”, he added, “so that they use the fountains when visiting Consell buildings”.

The governing team will encourage employees of the Consell to progressively begin using equipment that's available round the workplace, not to mention to nix single-use plastics in their individual work spaces. The government will also work with organisations and schools to promote measures aimed at doing away with single-use plastics in those places as well.

Maritime transport ordinances
Assembly members came together in support of a proposal to urge the Govern balear to urgently pass a decree required for legislation on maritime transport in the Balearic Islands. In their statement, council members called on the regional government to “seek the full consensus and backing of Formentera's local council as the Govern strives for a decree that safeguards the environment and serves the general public”.

Reasoning that the harbour in La Savina is the only point of entry and exit on the island, mobility councillor Rafa González described the adoption of such a decree “a priority, because it affects all of Formentera”. He pointed to key areas like guaranteeing the first and last ferry of daily service, avoiding overlapping departure times and resolving the issue of the so-called “maritime excursions”.

Assembly members also opted to include in their communication with the regional government a technical report highlighting cases in which nitrogen dioxide emissions exceeded the legal limit, occasionally by as much as two-fold. González said the data offered yet more proof of the urgency of the decree—“so we can avoid repeat cases of pollution, knock-on effects on the environment and risks to human health...this is about protecting islanders' best interests”.

Additional proposals
Another proposal to garner cross-party support was a measure calling on Abaqua to urgently relocate a new wastewater pump station originally included in a planned works project for Es Pujols town centre. Infrastructure chief Josep Marí advocated “an installation that meets the needs of this tourism-centred town and is conducive to better maintenance”. A deal between the Consell and Balearic Port Authority (APB) on prevention, fire-fighting and civil defence was also passed unanimously.

Backing was also secured for a proposal to urge the Balearic government to keep its promise to accommodate more zero- to three-year-olds in public schools, increase assistance for school meals and boost school attendance among children of at-risk families. The goal, according to assembly members, is to have every child attending school and making early-childhood education totally cost free. The same proposed statement urges the central government to “change laws that currently emphasise mere attendance to reflect the educational importance of the zero-to-three years”.

Lastly, the GxF-PSOE governing team passed a transactional measure brought by Sa Unió  to ensure the 75% discount on air and sea travel in the Balearics is kept intact in government spending and the Special Register of Ships and Transport Firms (Registro Especial de Buques y Empresas Navieras; REB). Authors of the proposal also called for the establishment of a special observatory to obstruct abusive price increases at the hands of airlines. The proposal passed with the support of the GxF-PSOE governing team, despite Sa Unió abstention.

27 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

New car park at football pitch

aparcament-camp-de-futbolv21The sport department of the Consell de Formentera reports that a new parking area has been opened next to the municipal football pitch in Sant Francesc. The 2,698-sq.-m. lot has space for seventy to eighty vehicles. In addition, as government property, the new car park means savings of six thousand euros a year—the annual rent paid to occupy the previous lot.

The sport department has also purchased four seven-a-side football goals for use at the municipal pitch. The goals cost €7,457.33.


27 September 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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