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Registration for Escola d'Estiu summer school from 12 to 19 June

jovesempresaris webbonaThe Formentera Island Council will open registration for the island's summer school programme – dubbed l'Escola d'Estiu – next Thursday, 12 June. The sign-up period will last one week, coming to a close the following Thursday, 19 June. The formality must be completed at the Citizen Information Office (OAC).

L'Escola d'Estiu is an initiative consisting of fun and educational activities for boys and girls aged 3 to 12 (born between 2002 and 2010). The weekly programme is held Monday through Friday at three different local schools: Col·legi Mestre Lluís Andre (Sant Francesc), Col·legi de Sant Ferran i Col·legi El Pilar a La Mola.

Daily activities begin at 9 am and finish at 2 pm, with the possibility of an 8 am early start. The Formentera Council employs 22 individuals to work as counselors for the programme.

The summer school starts 1 July and extends through 29 August. Cost is 140€/month or 220€ for the two months for families with a valid empadronament (certificate of inclusion on the town registry). Families not registered must pay 210€ (one month) or 305€ (two months). Special discounts are available for families of two or more siblings.


Final weekend for current La Mola senior centre location

centre social mola placaNext Saturday, 31 May, at seven in the evening, the new Casa del Poble in La Mola will open its doors to the public.

The more than 300 square metre space will house a senior centre in addition to serving as a meeting space for the different associations located there (local festival organisational boards along with neighbourhood, hunting and artisan associations).

The locale contains a computer centre equipped with ten computer stations as well as an already-functional group of post office boxes. The evening's activities will be open to everyone: whether residents of La Mola or not.

Start of lecture series at open university for seniors

This Friday, 23 May, at 5:30pm, the Sant Francesc Retirees Club will kick off a new round of conferences and lectures as part of the Universitat Oberta de Majors (open university for the aged).

The lecture series is an educational project conceived to serve Formentera's elderly population and born of the belief that any time in life is the right time to educate oneself; that – where learning is concerned – it's never too late.

This year's inaugural conference carries the title “L'obesitat, un problema genètic o estil de vida?” (Obesity, a question of genetics or lifestyle?) and will be given by Joana Sánchez, professor of Fundamental Biology and Health Sciences of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB).

Universitat Oberta per a Majors (UOM), Formentera
Conference Series 2014
23 May 2014, start of series, 5pm.
●23 May. L'obesitat: un problema genètic o d'estil de vida? (Obesity: a question of genetics or lifestyle?) moderated by Dr. Catalina Picó.
●13 June. Llinatges i malnoms de les Pitiüses: origen i curiositats lingüístiques. (Family names and nicknames in the Pitiüses: origins and linguistic curiosities) moderated by Mr. Joan-Albert Ribas.
●26 September. Però, què fa el banc amb els meus diners? (But, what does the bank do with my money?) moderated by Dr. Bartolomé Deyà.
●17 October. La geologia de les Pitiüses (The geology of the Pitiüsa Islands) moderated by Mr. Luis Alberto Tostón.
●7 November. El poblament de les Illes Pitiüses: una perspectiva contemporània sobre un element ben dinàmic. (Demographics in the Pitiüsa Islands: a contemporary look at a dynamic element) moderated by Mr. Maurici Cuesta.
●28 November. Apunts sobre història del teatre. (Notes on the history of theatre) moderated by Mr. Vicent Ferrer.
28 November 2014, closing lecture, 5pm.

●Sant Francesc de Formentera: 23 May, 26 September and 7 November.
Retirees' and Pensioners' Club of Sant Francesc. Carrer de sa Senieta, s/n.
●Sant Ferran de ses Roques: 13 June, 17 October and 28 November.
Sant Ferran Social Centre for the Elderly.
Carrer de València, s/n.

Time: 5 – 6:30pm

Registration begins for Sa Miranda infant nursery school's 2014/15 school year

escoleta webThis May, Formentera families interested in applying for a spot in the Sa Miranda nursery school can contact the Citizen Information Office of the Formentera Island Council, Monday through Saturday (from 9 am to 2 pm) to process all the required documentation.

The admissions and registration process opens 5 May and closes on 16 May. Upon conclusion of this process, the provisional list of admitted students will be published 5 June and, once all grievances have been attended, registration will be finalised between 23 and 25 June.

This year 40 spots are available for children in the first cycle of nursery education (from 0 to 3), four more than the previous academic course. To these available spaces, we must also take into account 32 children aged 1-2 and 8 newborns that already have spaces in Sa Miranda, which brings the total to 80 pupils, a figure which could later change according to the distribution of specific groups.
Once registration applications have been received, the school itself will be charged with distributing applicant students across different groups in the interest of finding spaces for the maximum number of children.

Spaces must be requested during the established period, providing documentation containing the child's date of birth along with other documents and requirements necessary to the evaluation process. We remind readers that the Sa Miranda school is dependent on the Formentera Council and meets all of the necessary requirements in order to operate as an educational centre providing the first cycle of nursery education.

EIP Sa Miranda (from the acronym for Escola Infantil i Primària) currently has on its staff nine educators and one teacher, and, as the sole public nursery school on the island, it gives an extremely comprehensive and flexible educational service, adapted to the learning needs of the population of Formentera.

Admission criteria
By law, the centre must reserve at least one spot in each group for students with special needs in educational support and in situations of social/legal vulnerability.

When applications outnumber spaces available, they are scored and ordered by the centre's School Council according to the criteria established by the Regional Ministry of Education and Culture of the Balearic Islands. Priority criteria include: presence of other siblings already attending the school, family income, existing disabilities in the student, parent, legal guardian or other siblings.

Complementary criteria include: status as a single-parent family, cases of one-parent custody, the student's suffering a chronic disease, or presence of multiple-births siblings.

All of the relevant information can be consulted on the Council of Formentera's website at www.consellinsulardeformentera.cat, or by calling the Office of Education and Culture at 971.32.12.75.

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