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Sant Ferran launches town's newest library outlet

Punt de lectura redux 2The Formentera Council's Office of Culture reports on the opening in Sant Ferran from yesterday of the island's newest punt de lectura, or “reading zone”. Located next to the Office of Environment at 13, carrer Mallorca, the space is open from Monday to Friday, 4.00pm to 8.30pm.

It is divided into three different nooks: an area for adults, with novels in Catalan and Castilian plus a selection of international books and magazines and newspapers; a kids' area, arrayed with books and games; and a technology lab, equipped with two computers with Internet access.

In addition to regular library services, Sant Ferran's reading zone will host activities for children like storytelling, creative workshops and film screenings. Adults, meanwhile, can take part in discussions, presentations and assorted courses. A display case will also include a rotating selection of featured books from the Biblioteca Marià Villangómez collection.

Culture secretary Susana Labrador explained how space limitations were to blame when the former punt de lectura, housed in the actual school, shuttered several months ago. She promised the Council's creation of the new reading zone would mean “a breadth of programming not just for children, but for adolescents and adults as well”. The project to create the space cost roughly €20,000.

Supervised courtyard
The move comes alongside efforts to open and animate the Bob Baldon park, which occupies the Sant Ferran school courtyard under an agreement between the Council. Monday to Saturday, a Council agent opens the school gates at 4.00pm and closes them again at 7.00pm. Activities like Formentera Marxa enliven the space on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday.

Three Kings of the East bring holiday mirth to Formentera this Friday

Foto Reis magsThe Formentera Council's Office of Festivities announces that this Friday, January 5 at 5.00pm, their Majesties the Three Kings of the East will pay their yearly visit to the island. After tying up at the port in la Savina, their Highnesses, page boys and the so-called “Royal Committee” will take to decorated floats as they set out on a tour of the towns of the island.

From la Savina the cavalcade will sally up the main road for an expected 6.00pm arrival in Sant Francesc. Once there, the c will advance into town, mounting carrer Jaume I as they inch toward plaça de la Constitució. There, following a stop at the town's church to give tidings to the baby Jesus, they will pop across the square to the Formentera Council, where from their perch on the overlooking balcony they will greet the people of the village and receive an official welcoming from Council officials.

At approximately 7.00pm, the Kings will roll into Sant Ferran, where they will make their way to the square via carrer Major and offer tidings at the church. The Kings will appear before revellers at the festival tent and children of the town will be able to claim their gifts.

The cavalcade is due to arrive in la Mola at round about 8.00pm. The Kings, making their way down the avinguda, will pull in at the square next to the town's church, before entering the building for the long-awaited moment: distributing their freight of gifts to the boys and girls of the town.

Youngsters in Sant Francesc will have to wait for their presents until Saturday, January 6. That drop-off will play out in Ca ses Monges following Kings' Mass, which starts at 11.00am in the Sant Francesc church.

As the young and old of Formentera's towns await the arrival the Kings this year, they will have circus show entertainment to tide them over too. For 11 years, Circ Bover have shared their original, modern blend of cutting-edge circus acts to national and world audiences. Their assorted act includes live music, theatre and dance.

This year as in those past, the Three Kings of the East come from far-off lands to fill the streets of the island with joy, magic and, while they are at it, gifts and sweets (the cavalcade will carry in tow 270kg of gluten-free candies).

The Formentera Council wishes to thank all those who have made the Three Kings' visit possible: Formentera churches and associated youth volunteer groups, Associació Reis Mags, Casal de Joves, Baleària, Pitiüsa Sud, Llibreria Tur Ferrer, Hostal Bellavista, Frutos Secos Ibiza, Carbòniques Tur, the crew of the Arabian Nights pleasure craft, the Formentera farmers' co-operative and the Council brigade.

Stars of 2018 calendar: grapes

Foto calendari 2018 oacThe Formentera Council language department has released its 2018 calendar of 12 different kinds of grapes. With 2,000 copies printed, the Council is giving them away for free at the Citizen Information Office (OAC), the Sant Francesc library and the hospital. Each month comes with a photograph and a short feature on one of 12 grape varieties.

Last year's calendar spotlighted 12 photos concerning prehistoric Formentera. The Council began using the calendars in 2011 to showcase aspects of Formentera's history or popular culture and encourage locals to resurrect certain words. Past editions have turned on local trivia (a special edition which included questions and answers), highlights of the 20th century, Marià Villangómez, farming tools, fishing tackle, figs, prehistory and now grapes. The approximate cost of the calendars was €4,000.

Tremendos headline New Year's concert in Sant Ferran

Tremendos grup de versions autor de la foto santi iglesias reduxThe Formentera Council's Office of Culture and Festivities announces that New Year's Eve celebrations on the island will be headed up by the band Tremendos. From 1.00am, Catalunya's turbocharged contribution to the country's body of cover bands will provide the tunes as the crowd in the Sant Ferran festival tent rings in 2018.

Tremendos are six musicians whose enduring run in the music game today provides them with a repertoire of anthems from the eighties, nineties and noughts that resonate with a breadth of generations. Their music includes everything from well-known classics in Castilian (Los Secretos, La Guardia, Tequila, Ramoncín, Seguridad Social, El Último de la Fila, Fito y los Fitipaldis, Morat [Como te atreves], Celtas Cortos, Efecto Pasillo...) to the beloved Catalan favourites (Sopa de Cabra, Txarango, Els Catarres, La Pegatina...) with international hits like AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' and Guns'N'Roses' cover of 'Knocking on Heaven's door' thrown in the mix too.

As she extended her own holiday greetings to the people of Formentera, culture secretary Susana Labrador told islanders a little about what to expect from the New Year's Eve performance. “Tremendos are in a league of their own in music”, she said, assuring that the group's brand of “freshness and variety” are just what Formentera's Christmas holidays need. Tremendos were awarded Musicat's 100% live music quality seal and the 2011 Arc award for best cover band by the professional association of representatives, promoters and mangers of Catalunya.

Next Thursday, Formentera gets ready for theatre show for the whole family

Foto-cletaThe Formentera Council's Office of Culture and Festivities reports that next week, on Thursday December 28 at 5.30pm, the island's cinema will lend its stage to el Viatge a la Font de Xocolata, a family-friendly production included in the eleventh children's theatre mostra, or festival. Also featured as a part of the homegrown performing arts initiative “l'Illa a escena”, the performance runs fifty minutes and tickets (€3) are available at the box office the day of the event. TALENT IB, a programme of the regional government's Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, claims el Viatge a la Font de Xocolata on its circuit as well.

El Viatge a la Font de Xocolata (literally, Voyage to the Chocolate Source) blends acting, puppets, masks and other assorted visual elements that make Cleta's story all the more resonant. Cleta, perennially perched atop her bicycle, is the keeper of one thousand and one tales. She learns of petroleum, its origins, its uses, its misuses, etc. On her travels at sea from land to land, the heroine observes that profusions of the mineral aren't always met with celebration.

El Viatge's audience doesn't begin and end with children. Their accompanying adults will enjoy it as well. The story and the lesson it embodies will captivate grown-ups and kids alike. And all that, without falling into the trap of too much drama. On the contrary, el Viatge's tale is one of positivity, optimism and emotion.

The company
Ferro Productions, with, at the helm, renowned actor and cultural manager Toni Gomila, is a stage production and cultural management company founded in 1998 and professionalised in 2003. Over the years they've focussed on finding and cultivating entertainment and theatre troupes for both kids and adults and have worked tirelessly in the performing arts in the Balearic Islands.

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