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Reform of the craftsman and multipurpose cultural center Antoni Tur "Gabrielet"

This project located in the town of Sant Francesc de Formentera, aims at transforming the former Civil Guard barracks, now abandoned, craftsman and multipurpose cultural center. Is to maintain the spatial structure and the constructive logic of the old headquarters, thus preserving a historical picture of the ancient heart of Sant Francesc.

Current Situation
Formentera is a historic lack of facilities for exhibitions of craft itself. Likewise there is no peasant market, when the island's agricultural production has traditionally been at the center of the family economy.

The intention is, first, create a space that serves to invigorate the traditional agriculture sector, giving a direct distribution channel to the population and the other providing an exhibition space where artisans can show their work stimulating handicraft production.

The total budget (VAT excluded) for the execution of the work is: Euro 578,601.07. The European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF OP 2007-2013) co-finance the work by 50%.

File Download
- C26/2009. Reforma del centre artesà i cultural polivalent anomenat Antoni Tur "Gabrielet"

Find us at:
plaça de la Constitució, 1
07860 Sant Francesc Xavier
tel. 971 32 10 87 · fax 971 32 25 56

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