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Campanya de prevenció d’incendis a Formentera

foto stand-placa-constitucioEl Consell de Formentera, a través de l’àrea d’Interior, informa que el cos de bombers col·labora en la campanya posada en marxa per la conselleria de Medi Ambient de les Illes Balears per a extremar les mesures de seguretat per prevenir incendis.

Es tracta d’una campanya publicitària de sensibilització per prevenir els incendis forestals i conscienciar els ciutadans que tothom ha d’estar implicat en la lluita contra els incendis, tant les administracions, com la població en general, que amb actituds quotidianes pot evitar generar incendis i prevenir-ne els seus greus efectes.

Així, els bombers de Formentera i els agents de l’Ibanat destacats a l’illa estan duent a terme diverses accions per apel·lar a la participació ciutadana a l’hora d’evitar negligències que puguin provocar focs.

Accions de prevenció

Aquestes accions consisteixen en la distribució de cartes informatives als propietaris d’habitatges propers a zones boscoses i que puguin patir risc d’incendi. En el model que s’entrega s’informa sobre la vulnerabilitat de la construcció en qüestió davant el foc i es recorda l’obligació dels propietaris dins zona forestal de realitzar una sèrie d’actuacions preventives per minimitzar els efectes d’un incendi.

Tot i que el públic objectiu principal de la campanya són les persones que viuen a habitatges i urbanitzacions limítrofes amb zones forestals, cal tenir en compte també els turistes que eventualment són a aquests llocs, als quals s’ha d’adreçar també el missatge per fomentar la percepció del risc. Per això, la carta es distribueix en varis idiomes.

També s’estan repartint mantells de paper impresos amb dades i consells sobre la campanya a bars i restaurants de l’illa perquè es posin a taula i els clients rebin informació útil respecte la prevenció d’incendis. Així mateix, s’ha muntat una parada davant el Consell per a informar residents i turistes sobre la campanya i fer-los partícips de les mesures que cal tenir en compte.

Formentera gets €66k for local police

foto localitzacio amb-dronThe Formentera Council has received €66,690.36 this year from the Balearic Fons de Seguretat Pública, or “Public Safety Fund”. The money will be directed to staff needs as well as materials for safety.

Public Safety Fund
The point of the fund, apart from helping law enforcement maximise their ability to offer stable and adaptable services, is to bolster coordination between local agencies and promote measures that optimise quality services.

Municipalities must use the assistance to guarantee services are adequate—seventy per cent will be devoted to human resources and the remaining thirty per cent to safety-enhancing materials.

Money from the Public Safety Fund is meant to give distinct branches of municipal and regional administrations the tools to offer efficient law enforcement services and improve public safety in the municipalities of the Balearics.

Competitive exams to fill six police posts
From Wednesday August 22 to Friday August 24, competitive exams will determine candidates for six new posts on Formentera's local police force. The tests will cover general knowledge, familiarity with the territory and regulations at the municipal and island levels, as well as candidates' psychological aptitude and personality traits that may or may not make them fit to serve. The would-be officers' practical and physical qualities will also be tested.

Drone raids and operations in es Cap de Barbaria
Local law enforcement have continued conducting patrols with the help of drones. One operation last week in ses Illetes resulted in the identification of two ambulant vendors and the confiscation of various for-sale items.

The purpose of the drone raids is two-fold: catching perpetrators in the act, and identifying locations used to hide illicit materials, immensely useful for forward operations.

Patrols at the weekend targetted es Cap, another hotspot for itinerant vending.

Formentera hopes to tap sustainable tourism levy for nautical sports centre build and bid to regulate moorage at Estany des Peix

foto estany des peixCounci officials have unveiled two projects they intend to fund with the island's yearly plan to promote sustainable tourism in 2018. The projects —construction of the island's nautical sports center (CEN for its initials in Catalan) and regulation of Estany des Peix— will cost a combined €1.4 million.

Estany des Peix
The plan to install pontoons and low-impact moorage points is guided by a logic of restoring the lake's natural environmental conditions by encouraging orderly, regulated mooring of boats. The bipartisan proposal is aimed at meeting a demand for the service which typically spikes in summer. Regulated moorage has been identified as vital to ongoing use of traditional small drydocks and preservation of natural surroundings.

Given the project's alignment with the key priorities of “Landscapes, conservation and education about environmental-interest sites”set out in the island's annual sustainable tourism strategy for 2018, Council officials are asking to use money from the sustainable tourism tax to finance the €652,156 investment (VAT included).

Nautical Sports Centre
The Nautical Sports Centre build and relocation of the island's municipal sailing school are aimed at tempering the summer-heavy focus of tourism and, at the same time, bolster the amount of “active nautical tourism” available in the low season. Plans are also in place to leverage the public space for educational initiatives concerning the environment inland and at sea.

The project squares with the sustainable tourism strategy's objective of “Acqusition, protection, preservation, modernisation and recuperation of natural, rural and marine environments”, which is why Council officials hope to tap funds from the sustainable tourism levy to pay the €764,433 price tag (VAT included).

Formentera mounts HiSun Point for UV-ray protection

foto HiSun Point 3This Tuesday, Formentera became the first island in the Pityusic archipelago to count among its possessions a machine known as the HiSun Point. The centrepiece of the project, which is headed up by the regional chapter of Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer and Majorcan firm Hi Services (hi-services.es), is an exclusively-designed modular structure combining cutting-edge dermatological diagnosis technology with educational outreach and care.

Equipped with an interactive touch screen, the device features a built-in programme to determine users' skin phototype, link to real-time UV ray data in the area, and offer tips on risk-free enjoyment of the sun's rays. Colour-coded “solar traffic signals” give information about various types of sun exposure and UV radiation risks.

The Council's acting chair, Susana Labrador, described the effort to provide clear information on staying safe from the sun and UV rays as“part of giving islanders and tourists the tools to properly care for their health”.

The HiSun Point is free to use, functions autonomously and will remain in Sant Francesc until year end, when officials will review whether to leave the device where it is or opt for another location. Assembly and rental of the equipment cost nearly eleven thousand euros, VAT not included.

Formentera accepts critiques of Citizen's Information Office

Foto oac atencio al publicThe Formentera Council accepts the PSOE's critique of wait times at the OAC (in August users of the municipal service reported waits of up to an hour) and wishes to make the corresponding apologies to islanders and local political parties. Reprieve is expected in the days to come, when additional staffers will begin duty. The administration began a search for temporary supply staff on June 7. A total of 51 islanders answered the call, with 17 ultimately making it to the selection process, which came to an end on Wednesday, August 1. Officials anticipate names of winning candidates will be announced on Monday August 6. While thanking islanders for the patience and understanding, the Formentera Council also wishes to applaud OAC staff for their professionalism. Reinforcements are on the way.

As for the office's digital equivalent, the Virtual Citizen's Information Office (or OVAC), no incidents have been reported in thirty days. 

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