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Areas General Services New technologies and Communication Presentation on Formentera of Artificial Intelligence Strategy document for Balearics

Presentation on Formentera of Artificial Intelligence Strategy document for Balearics

foto 2023iii IA bToday the draft document of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy for the Balearic Islands was presented on Formentera. Ramon Roca, general director of modernisation and digital administration for the Balearic Government, and Bartomeu Alorda, director of innovation and knowledge transfer at the University of the Balearic Islands, presented the plan to representatives of local businesses and members of Formentera's tourism sector (Association of Small and Medium-sized Businesses [Pimef], Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association).

Vanessa Parellada, new technologies councillor, thanked Roca and Alorda for coming to Formentera "to explain the importance of artificial intelligence not only for companies, but also for the educational and social sector, particularly considering the changes that are quickly sweeping this area and the help that this type of intelligence can mean for people and businesses".

In the words of Mr Roca, "defining the Strategic Plan for AI in the Balearic Islands will integrate and transform the educational, productive, innovative and social ecosystem". The gathering allowed the presenters to hear input from Formentera's productive fabric on defining the IA strategy in the Balearics.

13 March 2023
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