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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Formentera Film Festival celebrates short fiction in “Marmatuile” and “Gaza”, documentary on human rights abuses in Palestine

Formentera Film Festival celebrates short fiction in “Marmatuile” and “Gaza”, documentary on human rights abuses in Palestine

fff-clausura--1-1The Formentera Council's office of culture reports that yesterday (Sunday May 19) marked the end of the sixth Formentera Film Festival. More than three hundred fans of short films, music and art came out every night of the four-day affair.

Last night filmmakers who had submitted productions and festivalgoers sat down for the FFF awards show, and enjoyed entertainment—from the Balearic symphonic orchestra's Palma Brass Movie Themes—designed to bring cinematic music to wider audiences. The FFF organising team—Viviana Carlet, Monica Timperi, Silvio Bandinelli and Carlo Migotto—took the stage with Xènia Fuertes to emcee the ceremony.

FFF's international panel of jurors presented the award for best film to:
Marmatuile, Mexico | 2017 | 11'40” | fiction, directed by Alejandro Saevich. A comedy that combines political satire with a flair for the grotesque and...unfailingly on-point photography. The honourees received jewellery designed by Lorenzo Pepe.

FFF audiences awarded their highest honour to:
Gaza, Spain | 2018 | 18'40'' | documentary, directed by Carles Bover and Julio Pérez. A short film concerning the human rights breaches endured by Palestinians on the Gaza Strip. The honourees received a piece by Enric Majoral.

Teen jurors gave their special distinction to:
Cerdita, Spain | 2018 | 14' | fiction, directed by Carlota Martínez Pereda.
This prize was created by artist Sol Courreges Boné de la Torre

Child jurors presented their special award to:
Catherine, Belgium | 2017 | 11'51'' | animated feature, directed by Brit Raes.
This prize was created by artist Andrés Rodríguez

Collective Signatures' honourable mention went to:
Wave, Ireland | 2017 | 13' | fiction, directed by Benjamin Cleary and TJ O'Grady Peyton

FFF jurors voted to offer two productions their “honourable mention” award:

Best documentary
Raz Dwa Zero – One Two Zero
Poland | 2017 | 15' | documentary
Director: Anna Pawluczuk

Best animated documentary
Min Börda – The Burden
Sweden | 2017 | 14' | animated feature
Director: Niki Lindroth von Bahr

The FFF organising team hailed the success of this year's festival and stressed efforts were already under way for the 2021 edition of the biannual gathering.

May 20, 2019
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