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Formentera at BIT—Milanese tourists' destination for fitness, culture, nature and gastronomy

formentera-a-mila-- premsa1The Formentera Council tourism office reports that Sunday to Tuesday (February 10-12) is Milan's BIT, an international travel expo, where Formentera will be promoted, according to department head Alejandra Ferrer, as a “destination for travelers interested in fitness, culture, nature and gastronomy and one with an identity all its own”.

The councillor said BIT—like Madrid's FITUR—“is a chance to spotlight the island's 2019 calendar of sporting events, not to mention the nature, scenery, culture and gastronomy that can sweeten the deal for visitors”. The events programme, said Ferrer, makes it possible to enjoy Formentera 365 days a year.

Ferrer, who traced the idea of Formentera having a dedicated stand at BIT to the fact that Italians are among the island's leading visitors, insisted  promotion would focus on the island's off-season charm. Standouts on the promotional catalog are fitness fixtures like the half-marathon (Mitja Marató), Formentera All Round Trail, Formentera to Run, Marnaton, a mountain bike circuit around the island and the Triatló, while cultural events include (but are not limited to) Formentera Film, Formentera 2.0 and Formentera Jazz Festival.

The events calendar is a sign of Formentera's success positioning itself as a destination for fitness and culture. The councillor pointed out that “meets and gatherings are always organised around a respect for the environment and sustainable use of natural resources”.

Discover Formentera
Another feature of promotional efforts will be the discounts and bonuses offered by local businesses as part of “Discover Formentera” in May and October. “Gastronomic weekends”, in particular, is a heavy hitter.

Newness doesn't stop there. Local reps will also talk about the island's new tourism website formentera.es and links to HD cameras across the island; a book of traditional recipes called “Sabores de Formentera”; a brochure for birdwatchers and another edition of the island's “cultural nature trails”.



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